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The Possibilities of Global Procurement for Suppliers through a Single System

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The defense and aviation industry constantly endures from a gamut of challenges to survive in the cutthroat competition. In addition, limited data visibility makes it difficult to keep up with the volatile delivery cycles in today’s complex and aggressive environment of aerospace and defense industry.

Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a perfect solution to address all the pains pertaining to operational excellence suffered by businesses operating in the aerospace, civil and defense industry.

Sage ERP solution for Aerospace and defense firms leverages real-time data generated by businesses to offer streamline business operations, full control over critical business processes, complete visibility and traceability and helps drive in revenue.

Challenges faced by Aerospace and Defense Industry

  • Defense and aerospace manufacturers strive to cut costs whilst retaining optimum quality and attempting to pace up manufacturing and distribution time in the stern and compliance-driven sector.
  • Endure from complex to handle global supply chains, aggressive turnarounds and delivery cycles
  • They ought to abide by stringent industry compliance and regulations
  • Lengthy and tedious manufacturing and sales processes

With Sage ERP software for manufacturing companies, businesses operating in aerospace and defense industry can bring together accounting, pricing, production and engineering processes on a unified platform with increased accuracy and complete transparency.

Here is a list of key features and benefits of ERP solution for aerospace and defense firms:

    1. Automation: As Sage ERP solution for industrial manufacturing companies supports effective configuration with all the predetermined industry regulations and compliance, it automates a business’ compliance to specific certification needs, safety norms, licensing information and several other specific regulatory norms of the industry.


    1. Flexible Inventory Tracking: Since ERP software for manufacturing companies automates all critical business operations, inventory tracking is not an exception. Thus, business managers and senior personnel get up-to-date inventory data in real-time and that too from anywhere, anytime and any device.


    1. Better Project Management: Robust project management module within Sage ERP works great when it comes to tracking manufacturing/distribution time and quoting projects in a more accurate and efficient way. Thus, the result is improved project management.


    1. Key Metrics at Fingertips: Business intelligence reporting and that too in real-time offered by the ERP system for aerospace and defense industry makes it a cakewalk to make informed business decisions and track market trends.


    1. Lean Manufacturing: With complete visibility and traceability for all manufacturing operations, managers get crucial insights to help eradicate redundancies and improve productivity whilst reducing unnecessary labor and manufacturing waste significantly.


    1. Strengthen Ties with Partners, Vendors and Customers: With all critical business data available at a single platform, businesses in this industry are able to offer their vendors and customers with real-time and updated information pertaining to sales, pricing, etc. Further, with excellent visibility to supply chain management and transparency in workflow data, businesses get to strengthen relationships with partners as well. Offer accurate, up-to-date and detailed quotes and bids to prospects and partners.


  1. Gain Control over Quality: Since our industrial manufacturing ERP software is designed to promote lean manufacturing, quality management becomes a core part of the system ensuring optimum quality for all the manufactured products.

Reduce supply chain risks, boost productivity and eliminate redundancies as well as inefficiencies across a number of business operations with Sage ERP.

If you have any queries on how ERP Solution for Aerospace and Defense Firms can streamline business operations, feel free to reach us today.
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