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Time Entry and Reporting

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Time entry and reporting is to record the cost of labor utilized for a Project Task such as Project management, drafting, control engineering, etc.

Time Entry and Reporting

→Steps for recording labor cost :-

Navigate to Projects −>Time Management −> Time entry 

» Employee field will display the logged in Employee by default. Enter the Project number on which the cost is to be loaded and click on Search button.

Time Entry

» Upon clicking on Search button details of the operation activity are displayed in the Assignments tab.

Time Entry Assignments

» Enter the date and number of hours spent for the respective operation in Time spent field and click on Save.

» The entered details of the hours will reflect in time summary tab.

Time Entry Summary

» The next step is to validated the entry. Check the validated check box and click on save.

Time Entry - Time Slots

» Once the entry is validated the approver of the specific department will then navigate to :

Projects Time management Time approval for approving the validated entry.

» Enter the company, any specific site, the respective employee and project number of which the time entry is to be approved and click on search.

Time Approval

The validated entries that are to be approved will reflect in the To process tab.

Check the check box of the entry to be approved and click on the 3 dots from the top right corner and select approve.

Time Approval Project

On clicking the approve button the status of entry will show as approved.

Time Approval Criteria

Then click on save button to save the record. System will generate a log of confirmation.

Log Reading

Once the entry is approved the next step is to post the entry to record its financial statement.

Navigate to Projects ⇒Time management ⇒Time posting

Time Posting

Select Company, Project, Employee and check the generate entries checkbox and click on OK.

Generate Entries

On clicking the OK button a log will be generated that would display the financial entry number.

Log Reading - Project Entry

The financial impact for the above mentioned process is as below :

Accounts DR CR
Project cost XX  
Applied Labor   XX


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