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Top 5 Essential Metrics to Measure Business Success

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A business is said to be higher in the efficiency spectrum if it spends less time and resources to accomplish more goals. This is what business management software helps you do. Its data and analytics metrics empower you to manage resources efficiently and remove bottlenecks to speed up your business processes. Here are the top 5 metrics that you must look for while selecting the right business management software.

1. Lead conversion

Businesses may lose a lot of money if they don’t pay attention to how effective their marketing campaigns are. It’s imperative to know which among them is converting prospects into customers who are willing to purchase products from you. A business management software not only helps you do that but also saves time by identifying the most profitable partner relationships.

2. Sales Cycle

Businesses must keep a close watch on the time put into sales efforts versus the time it takes to close the deal. This is where a business management software comes in handy. It provides you actionable data that you can use to revise your sales cycle and make it better.

3. Net promoter score

A business management software empowers you to check customer loyalty towards your products. It does this by creating surveys that are marked on a scale of 1-10. Those who give a 9-10 are classified as promoters, 7-8 as passives, and 1-6 as detractors. The net promoter score is calculated by subtracting the net detractor percentage from the net promoter percentage. A high score indicates that customers like your products and would continue buying it in the future.

4. Margins

First, let’s understand what margin means. Suppose the cost to make a product is Rs. 100 and you sell it for Rs. 50. The difference between the selling price and cost price of the product is called the margin. The higher the margin, the more your profitability. Business management software helps you keep track of your margins conveniently and suggests ways to improve it.

5. Product usage

Product usage is one of the most useful metrics to check business success. This is because the more customers purchase your products, the more the probability of them buying it again. Business management software provides statistics that track how often customers:

  • Purchase your products
  • Renew your services
  • Average time spent using the product
At Sage, we are home to industry-leading business management software. Our ERP and CRM platforms have built-in metrics to measure business success such as lead conversion, sales cycle, net promoter score, margins, and product usage. To know more about it,  You can also write to us at


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