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Top 6 Ways ERP Software Can Help Breweries & Distilleries Industry Come Back On The Track Again

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The Significance of ERP for Breweries and Distillery Industry

The breweries distilleries industry that comprise energy drinks, spirits, ale, malts, etc. have been growing consistently over the years. But these baby steps won’t be enough in the cut-throat competitive world we live in. The industry requires an impetus, and only by the inclusion of technology can that happen. ERP software for the alcohol industry manages business-critical functions like quality control, government regulations, recipe management, inventory management, and distribution. 

Apart from the functions mentioned above, the ERP software for wine industry also manages sales, marketing, reporting, supply chain & lot traceability, manufacturing, financial statements & billing, accounting, and does quality control. This article sheds light on the above-described functions.

The following are the top 6 ways and ERP for breweries & distillery helps.

1. ERP for breweries distilleries industry helps in Recipe Management

The ERP software for alcohol industry has a centralized database that stores and updates official records in real-time, including revisions, versions, and batch production notes. This method ensures that the consistency and the recipe integrity during the batch manufacturing process is maintained. The ERP software for wine industry ensures strait-laced labeling by granting access to the calculation of allergy, nutritional, and ingredient attributes. It also takes care of product packaging by providing useful customer information. Preparing effective and compliant recipes are essential for the breweries & distilleries industry and ERP software enables companies to take pride in their consistency and quality.

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2. ERP for breweries distilleries industry helps in Research & Development (R&D)

The ERP for the breweries and distillery industry allows the brewmaster to experiment with new products in a sandbox environment without affecting the current production line. It streamlines the recipe development and new product creation by providing ample information — including recipe notes, cost history, and revisions. The ERP for alcohol industry allows easy conversion of R&D items in sandbox mode into live production mode. Further, the ERP software keeps a tab on the changing market trends and conditions, which helps you strategize the launch of new products. 

3. ERP for breweries & distillery industry helps in Point of Sales (POS)

ERP software for wine industry has well-equipped touchscreen, scanning, and barcoding technologies that keep a keen eye on transactions happening at multiple locations. The ERP for breweries & distillery industry manages other critical POS functions such as inventory updates, accounting processes, etc. It also sends periodic reminders, alarms, and messages to the sales team to remain updated with the latest information.

4. ERP for breweries distilleries industry helps in Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

ERP software for alcohol industry provides the facility for invoicing, data entry, and payment transactions from anywhere. The sales and delivery teams can track inventory, accept payment, and create and edit orders from offsite locations. The ERP software will automate these trivial functions, thereby reducing human errors and enabling your team to focus on functions — such as providing excellent customer service and fair distribution — that require human ingenuity.

5. ERP for breweries & distilleries industry helps in inventory management 

The ERP software for wine industry tracks the entire production cycle in real-time — from the incoming of raw materials in the warehouse and the outgoing of finished products through vendors, suppliers, distributors to the final purchase by the end-consumer through the retailers. It maintains and updates an audit trail that provides a 360-degree overview of essential parameters — from fermentation and distillation to bottling and shipping. The ERP software for wine industry reduces wastage and minimizes inventory costs. It also maintains the required inventory level in the warehouse and automatically places orders when the raw material falls below the set threshold. 

Further, the ERP software for alcohol industry also estimates the future demand based on previous sales. 

6. ERP For Breweries  Distilleries Industry helps in quality control and testing

ERP software for wine industry performs quality control and testing. It keeps a keen eye on essential parameters — including pH levels, gravity, yeast genealogy, and fermentation. It also maintains consistency in color, taste, and aroma. The ERP software for alcohol industry helps brewmasters to safely storing in-process and conduct customer-specific test results. It also provides metrics to ensure that suppliers maintain quality throughout the process — from fermentation to packaging.


The breweries distilleries industry is growing by leaps and bounds. According to reports, beer sales are expected to rise at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2017 to 2021. But there are multiple challenges that the industry has to counter to rise. The ERP for breweries distilleries industry will help companies to increase their production rate substantially, manage regulatory hurdles, produce the best-quality liquor, bring in quality control, and efficiently handle all business-critical operations. 

At Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd., we are home to world-class ERP software for Wine Industry that will take care of all your needs. It will solidify your business tech support fundamentals and enable you to build a customer-centric organization. 

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