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User Activity Reports in Sage 300 v2023

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User Activity Reports
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In Sage 300 v2023 we have a new feature called ‘User Activity Report’ which allows us to capture information related to Sage 300 login and opening/closing of screens which tracks across several key database screens.

Monitoring and tracking users’ activities in your Sage 300 system is a proactive way to increase security, collect and preserve key data changes, and enforce data protection. This new feature analyses and records how users interact with Sage 300 and provide detailed activity logs for all companies in your database. Let’s take a closer look.

Enabling and Running User Activity Reports

Once you update to Sage 300 v2023, you’ll see a new ‘Enable User Activity Logs’ checkbox in the Database Setup screen. Simply click to enable the feature and begin recording user activity for companies in your database including :

  • User activities
  • Login/Logout activities
  • Opening/Closing of screens

Below is the image for your reference —

Server Database

After enabling the activity log feature in Database Setup, you can now run a user activity report from –

Administrative Services Administrative Reports > User Activity Report. 

User activity is tracked in the following main modules :

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Administrative Services / Common Services
  • Bank Services / Tax Services
  • General Ledger
  • GL Consolidations
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Entry / Purchase Order
  • Project Job Costing

Below is the image for your reference —

Sage 300 Report


You can print this report for all the company databases or the current company database in which you are logged in.

It would be beneficial to run this user activity report when you required information on who performed a specific task, like who changed vendor or customer information in your accounts payable and accounts receivable modules, or who closed the month and on what date. Combining user activity monitoring with real-time reporting provides you with better control and deeper visibility of your business and its critical finance activities that enhance performance.

Below is the image for you reference —

Activity Report - Sage 300

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