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Sage 300 : How to view or edit details for a Lot Number

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Sage 300 Inventory Control is a powerful tool that allows businesses to efficiently manage their inventory. One important aspect of inventory management is tracking and managing lot numbers. Lot numbers are unique identifiers assigned to specific batches or groups of products.

To effectively view or edit details for a lot number on Sage 300 Inventory Control follow the below steps :

Inventory control > Items and price lists > Lot numbers.

Below is the image for you reference —

Sage 300 Screen 1

In the Lot Number field, type the lot number or use the Finder or the navigation buttons to select it.

  • If you specify an item number before the lot number, only lot numbers that are assigned to the item appear in the Finder.

In the Location field, specify the location of the items for the lot you want to view.

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You can also, maintain the Lot number expiry date if you have marked the specific item as a ‘Days to expiry’ in the item master.

Below is the image for you reference —

Sage 300 Screen 2And, after that if you want to change/update the expiry data against the items lot number you can do it from the Lot master screen and then click on the save button to update the changes.

Below is the image for your reference —

Sage 300 Screen 3To view, add, or edit optional fields assigned to the selected lot number, click the Optional Fields tab, and then you can assign the desired optional fields data as per your requirement.

Below is the image for you reference —

Sage 300 Screen 4To view or edit the item record, click the Items button the I/C Items screen will appear. Through this button, you can make any changes/update the item details easily for the looted items.

Below is the image for you reference —

Sage 300 Screen 5

Sage 300 Screen 6

To view transactions that include in the lot numbers:

  • Click the Transactions button. The Lot Number Inquiry screen will appear, displaying a list of transactions.

Sage 300 Screen 7

  • To drill down to a source document, select a transaction on the list, and then click on the Details button.

Sage 300 Screen 8

Click Save on the I/C Lot Numbers screen to save any updates/changes you make. This is how you can make the updates/changes of the Lot number against the item in Sage300c.

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