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Why should you consider an ERP for your Hotel industry?

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ERP for Hotel Industry
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An ERP is among the most crucial tools for the hotel industries today; it assists you to grab the available market opportunity, seek out max benefits of advanced technologies, and make hotel operations easy and efficient. ERP services at hotel industry can help your managers to enhance the processes, hospitality, customer care, etc. to the peak potential for a smoother functioning of the entire system.

ERP software solutions are being adapted by various hotel managers, steadily replacing its older counterpart i.e. property management system or PMS for its effective in business management. A PMS system runs over the data collected over the activities procured solely at front office, which are account receivables, sales, telephone management etc. In contrast to it, an ERP software for hotel industry can easily take over the overall hassles of the industry, from front desk to back end with ease.

Here is some benefits of Smart ERP for your Hotel

1. Inbuilt Guest History

In Hotel Industry, customer retention plays a major role thus making it important to maintain a record of your regular customers. To aid the same, an efficient ERP tool can help you to save, change, manage, and modify all the data of your guests while securely saving the data over the cloud servers, thereby helping you serve your customers better at any hour of the day.

2. Save Time & Increase Productivity 

ERP software services can provide real time availability of rooms, check-ins and checkouts, calculate the charges, delivery options etc., to assist you to plan and coordinate your hotel industry seamlessly. It also allows you to manage your menu listing and its prices, to provide your customers “best in industry” experience.

3. Supervision: ERP software solution can help you keep a close eye on all the ongoing processes through a single workstation. You can track the kitchen orders & their servings, room cleaning status, customer checkouts, etc. easily and further helping you synchronize further course of action.

4. Business Modules: ERP software solutions such as Sage X3 are filled with easy to use business modules that can simplify all the complexities of the hospitality managers. Finance, Inventory, HR, Purchase, etc. are among the proficient modules of ERP software solution that can make all the process of hotel industry appear to be a cakewalk.

Thus, add the efficiency and pace of a smart ERP solution to your hotel industry and experience a growth like never before while providing your customers a heaven like experience of your hospitality and making your life easy!!! To know more about Hotel and Hospitality management with Sage Software solutions, you can contact us here. You can  drop us a mail at for free demo and consultations.
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