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Perfect for small businesses looking to strengthen accounting tasks that drives growth and profitability.
ERP Manufacturing Software

Get rid of tedious and time-consuming business improvement processes with Sage X3 and pave way for a faster, advanced, flexible and budget-friendly ERP solution.

Sage X3 helps streamline all the business processes from procurement to final product on one platform. View all the critical data from anywhere and from any device and have the flexibility of taking decisions from anywhere. 




Are you looking for an advanced business process improvement software that can grow with your business? You are on the right page, as we take great pride in offering Sage X3, a modern, user-friendly, affordable and scalable ERP for manufacturing, SMEs and start-ups to help boost revenue, reduced operational costs and streamline critical business processes seamlessly.



Accounting simplified! Improve productivity and get rid of finance related redundancies with the best accounting software in India available with Sage X3. Be it tedious cash management or accounting and financial reporting, Sage X3 addresses all your finance and account related operations in a smart and quick way.


Business intelligence and reporting

With advanced business intelligence reporting at your fingertips, Sage X3 makes it a lot easier for business managers and CXOs to make informed business decisions and plan strategies for increasing productivity and sales.



Sage X3 is intelligently designed to address the diverse enterprise resource planning needs of manufacturing companies. It speeds up critical manufacturing processes like managing cost of manufacturing, material billing, production analysis, quality control tracking, etc. making it a leading industrial manufacturing ERP software in India.



With quick and accurate inventory tracking, Sage X3 is the perfect ERP solution for manufacturing companies, retailers, start-ups, SMEs, etc. Track inventory against orders, pricing, invoice, etc. at the click of a button.



Sage X3 is one of the most effective ERP software programs available in India that gives a clear picture of all the purchase details on a single unified platform. Track and manage inter-business transactions, subcontracts, purchase orders, etc. easily.



With all the critical customer information available on a single dashboard that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and through any device, Sage X3 helps you have total control of your business on the go! Manage all your sales related processes in a smart and quick way with our advanced ERP solution for SME.


Customer service

Success of a business is directly proportional to the number of happy customers it has. Since Sage X3 blends in great convenience by bringing all the essential customer information on a single platform empowering your customer support crew to address queries of customers in a quick and effortless manner. Also, Sage X3 ERP system helps track your marketing campaigns at keystroke.


Statutory Compliance

Businesses always need to keep a bird’s eye on the constantly changing statutory regulations. Sage X3 eases all the worries pertaining to statutory compliance, as its fully automated and up-to-date with all the compliances. Filing tax returns, TDS, etc. was never this easy! What more, X3 is GST ready as well!


Mobile web apps

Here comes the most loved aspect of Sage X3 making it a perfect online ERP solution of today’s times. Yes, X3 offers excellent mobility features allowing you to access, update and track all your important business data on the run! So ERP anywhere, anytime and from any device is very much possible now!