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Why to integrate your E-commerce site with ERP system?

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Yes, integrating a B2C or B2B e-commerce website with ERP software delivers various benefits to help a business sell in a more efficient and better way. It’s all about customer experience these days and ERP systems when integrated with your e-commerce website help you achieve that.

Cited below are four prominent reasons you should integrate your e-commerce website with an ERP software:

  1. Your website is up 24 x 7

Your ERP e-commerce site will be accessible and available 24 x 7 thus, allowing your customers to visit or place orders per their convenience. Eureka! Your site can even take orders even when the ERP system goes offline. During such times, the orders get queued and synced up automatically into the ERP system. Thus, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any orders.

  1. Easy access to data

Provide your employees with easy access to a pool of valuable data all around the clock. Getting access to this info online enables the customers to see it as and when required without the need of contacting you. In addition, with a full-scale ERP integration, all this information can be coupled with re-orders, password management, username, shipment, invoice history, etc.

  1. Reduction in human errors

Manual keying or re-keying of information is one of the biggest reasons of problems for any business and e-commerce is no exception. These can result in increased human capital expenditures to address the problems such as irritated customers and profit loss. Integrating your e-commerce site with ERP solution can help shun the need of re-keying data manually. All the orders from the website are transferred into the ERP system automatically with accurate information for further processing.

  1. Efficient staff

Yes, automation is one of the reasons you will fall in love with ERP. Automation facilitates employees to focus on other core things such as customer relationship management, sales, etc. instead of re-keying data manually, chasing order details or responding to queries of customers. Further, with real-time data syncing between the ERP software and your e-commerce website, your customers are sure to taste the advantages.

These are four key benefits of integrating your e-commerce website with a robust ERP software. To know how it can benefit your e-commerce venture, reach us here. You can drop us a mail at for a free demo and consultation.

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