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ERP Software For Media & Advertising

Streamline advertising agency workflow while maintaining a creative culture

Sage X3 ERP for advertising agency is the one-stop destination that would give you a complete revolution to your ad business. It will help your business bring more profits along with high-tech operational efficiency. It is a supreme package of all critical requirements that your media and ad business would think of! Track progress, predict future needs, store data, and do much more with this ingenious ERP software!

Media & Advertising Industry Challenges Explained

Reach the target audience

The fact remains the same that media and advertising should reach the appropriate audience at right time. But the advertising and media agencies are facing a lot of technical challenges in reaching the customers. Today, brands are reshaping their targets and can help get advanced audience funnel generation. But, businesses should pay keen attention to tracking changes where users can ignore advertising. 

It is one of the major challenges the industry would face in the coming years. No doubt, budget is a major concern for the marketing and ad space of all-sized companies. It is a dire need for the industries to set a proper budget so that they can run campaigns on various social media platforms including Google Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Since organizations get monetized through ads in order to reach customers, the budget should be worth it.

Scalability is another advertising challenge that the media & ad brands are facing and for that, they need to run online campaigns that would be apt for their organization. 

For advertising agencies, the biggest issue is to create campaigns that are scalable enough to grow their businesses. Experts recommend that the landing pages will be the most key platform for their conversion. Also, it is more challenging for them to understand which city would suit the best for every campaign to run.

The online media sector is competitive and this makes it very challenging for businesses to reach potential audiences in an appropriate manner. There are a number of businesses that are entering into the online advertising space and hence it is sure that the competition in the market will be more every passing year. 

Following particular marketing, a single channel is one of the few challenges in the media industry. It is because there has been a recent outage faced by the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Hence experts believe that having only one marketing channel and relying on that would be definitely the wrong move. It is quite important to have different marketing channels to advertise your brand. 

Elevate your productivity with Sage X3

How Sage X3 Will Solve Above Mentioned Challenges?

End-to-end function management

The biggest feature of ERP for advertising agency is that it helps manage the complete operations from a single system. Sage X3 management software handles all processes including content accounting and much more. It helps organizations to have a unified view of their business operations and track the agile as well as automation functions while optimizing and reducing the total manpower of the business.


Sage ERP for media agency offers all the necessary features of CRM that an efficient ERP software should have. It helps media and ad companies with all the required information about potential customers, account details, and more crucial real-time data through a single platform and in a real-time view. The software also addresses various functionalities such as customer engagement, customer marketing, and subscription renewal management which helps keep customers fully satisfied.

Easy accounting & finance

Accounting and finance are some of the core features of any industry. Sage X3 ERP for advertising agency businesses gets a plethora of benefits for accounting and finance management. The accounting and finance feature of the ERP system will handle everything from accounts receivable and payable cash flow management to the general ledger, resource management, multi-currency management along with assisting in developing customizable reports and generating standard reports.

Advertising management

No doubt that advertisements are the real revenue drivers for any media & ad company. But it is a fact that advertising is a complex and fast process especially when we talk about the digital age. There are various things to consider such as ad inventories, bill and payments management, ad spots, broadcasting, and more. With Sage X3 ERP software your presence can get all the needed information of your ad customers while allowing them to get the real-time status of the advertising sales along with tracking the revenues and managing insertion orders.

Precise employee management

Human resource is the most vital component of the media and entertainment business and efficient ERP software like Sage X3 will help you store employee records, attendance records, as well as, timesheets in a single system. The management software can also help your digital marketing business in managing the expenses of the employees. With the help of this software, a marketing agency can also focus on developing employee self-service portals that will have leave and travel approval systems along with some knowledge centers.

Accelerate your growth and profits with Sage X3 ERP Suite

Sage ERP X3 system can be customised to suit your business needs to gear up your business’ success.

Benefits Of Sage X3 For The Media & Advertising Industry. 

Enhance profitability

Sage X3 software helps streamline resource optimization, project management, as well as, other major advertising business functions. The software also helps manage the speech to influence business function. 

To empower your entire media and advertising agency through business operations Sage X3 can be integrated with the CRM module. 

Cloud-based system

Be it any small, large, or medium-sized media and ad business, Sage X3 offers cloud-based solutions that make the whole business operations hassle-free.

The best ERP would offer your digital marketing business with the recently updated feature that would need reduced maintenance costs while maintaining project management functions as well.

Get organizational visibility 

Sage X3 ERP software for media advertising agencies helps to improve profitability irrespective of any restrictions related to project or financial management.

Today, a lot of digital marketing agencies have been implementing automated processes that are quickly available while your employees can focus more on satisfying clients and increasing retention rates of customers. 

Virtual and collaborative teams 

Sage X3 assists in easily identifying shortfalls and your business can easily fill them with preciseness. This helps staff to get access to the crucial assets as well as objects. With it, your digital marketing teams can connect virtually and in a collaborative manner. 

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