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CRM software are modern business management tools that take care of your customer services right from the basics, helping you manage your customers like never before. Judging by the pace of the market, it is quintessential for any company to provide its customers with the best of their services to stay upright in the market. And that’s where a CRM software can help you, as they help you achieve customer loyalty, boost sales performance and build up a brand reputation.


Now, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is a home to industries such as cement, textile, jute, heavy engineering, etc. and their over performance has made Kolkata the 3rd largest economy in India. Owing to the healthy business environment and start up boom, many businesses have been emerging, further giving rise to market rivalries. At such market conditions, CRM software in Kolkata is the one tool that could provide you the leading edge to beat the market’s heat.


Sage Software (P) ltd is among the top CRM vendors in Kolkata, providing easy to use and customisable CRM tools that can effortlessly help you manage your customers. Sage CRM can help you record your customer details, track feedback, send autoresponders via mails and SMSs, and help you satisfy customer needs and complaints; hence assisting you provide a better service to your customers.


Sage CRM solutions can be integrated with third party applications that can put all your essential tools on a single platform for swift workflow. Moreover, the cloud based software is capable of storing substantial amount of crucial data securely on its cloud servers, wherein you can manage the accessibility of the data as per need. Adding more to it, the mobile access and cloud computing gives your sales and marketing teams to access product details on the go, thereby giving them the boost to perform better.


CRM software solution in Kolkata is designed to help you at all stage of your business growth, scaling as you grow with time. From helping you get better leads, to providing a world class customer care and eventually enhancing your sales performance, Sage CRM has got it all. To add more to it, the market analytics and sales forecast helps you plan your strategies effectively, helping reduce wastage and quicker ROI, making Sage CRM an essential tool for entrepreneurs in Kolkata.

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