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Sage ERP Software for Construction Industry

Construction industries are the building blocks for every country; the commercial and residential buildings, magnificent architecture, roadways, etc. are an outcome of this Industry that add up an economic value of the country on the globe. These constructions not only make a country look better, but also open up more opportunities, hence, is a major indicator of economic development. However, the construction Industry have a tremendous challenge to fulfil the needs especially for a developing country like India, and thus organized and data backed planning becomes quintessential.


Sage ERP for construction industry is a globally ranked business management tool that ensure all your processes are stay planned ahead of time unerringly. ERP software solutions provide its users easy to use modules that can facilitate your business management.  It can help you manage your brokers, ensure visibility and multiply your sales performance.


Key Features of Sage ERP for Construction Industry


• Architectural designing and measurements

We at Sage understand the importance of Designs of the buildings or any other constructions to be done and its measurements, and even a minute mistake can lead to a major issue or even a mishap and provide a precision to the point for the same.


• Contract and compliance management:

Sage ERP can help you centralize and assess all your compliances easily; moreover, it can record and manage your contracts as well. It can keep you updated with any expiring contract as well.          


• Project scheduling:

Construction projects have different time span, while some extending to many years, Sage ERP can help you schedule your entire project. It can also help forecasting project completion and be available for sale.


• Inventory and Equipment Management:

Sage ERP can provide you with excellent MRP and inventory management, which ensures that you never run out of required resources. The availability of all your resources and equipment made available boosts up construction rate and happily working labours.


• Labour Management:

The labours in a construction industry in India work on pay/hour basis, for which Sage ERP can keep a track of their working hours and calculate their daily wages effortlessly, freeing the project managers of the nominal task.


• Finance Management: 

Keep a track of all the purchases, credit and debit, loan management, payrolls, and every other expenditure or income procured by the company. Further, it can help you manage taxes and forecast sales as well.


Hence, to conclude with, build up your company on the quality performance and reliability of Sage ERP to manage your business proficiently, keep your inventory stocked for seamless construction process and swift up project completion without any hassle.

ERP solution for Construction Industry

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