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3 Effective Ways to Respond to Customer Complaints when WFH

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Customer Complaints
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Today, when we talk about Customer complaints, we have an array of communication channels that serve different purposes – interacting with colleagues, engaging with clients, and frolicking with friends. Although this has made work from home a reality, it has also given ample opportunities to angry customers to unleash their frustration.

This article talks about 3 ways how to carefully plan and execute customer complaint management strategy.

1. Team training and coordination

Customer complaint management requires coordination and division of labor between different departments such as:

  • Who will monitor the data?
  • Who will direct the queries and to whom?
  • Who will answer the queries?
  • Does everyone understand the terms, conditions, and rules of customer engagement?
  • How many agents will answer a particular question?

Apart from coordination, team training is also an important factor. If your team is doing work from home, you need to ensure whether they possess the appropriate skills to deal with clients. If not, then you need to train them on how to answer customer queries and avoid ignoring the tough ones.

2. Engage and respond

While working from home, agents generally falter on two things:

  • Either they try solving customer problems instantly
  • Or they take too long to respond to customer queries

The ideal way to execute customer complaint management strategy is to acknowledge the problem and begin the process of addressing it.

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3. Measure critical parameters and respond effectively

It’s imperative to prepare a list of critical parameters that would prove useful while managing customer queries. If you are doing work from home, you should keep in touch with colleagues and managers who can help you with it. The best part is that through virtual conferences, it is easier than before to do so.

Following are the parameters that you should keep in mind while executing customer complaint management strategy:
  • Amount of customer complaints that you receive in a given period.
  • The average number of replies that you send to resolve the issue.
  • The number of issues that were actually resolved.
  • How long are your customers waiting to receive the first response from you?
  • Are your customers satisfied with your customer complaint management strategy?

Companies around the globe are encouraging work from home. This is because there are many studies that provide ample evidence that it improves employee productivity and engagement. And these are the 2 most important attributes required for executing a customer complaint management strategy well. If done skillfully, it helps develop strong bonds with your prospects and turn them into lifelong customers. At Sage, we are home to industry-leading customer management software. Our CRM platform has built-in functions that enable you to solve customer queries with ease.

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