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Top 5 Ways to Handle Customer Complaints using CRM Software

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Unlike CRM software, managing your contacts on an excel sheet, memorizing their names and creating columns for all their previous conversations can be a leap in the dark. CRM software simplifies the process of customer relationship management. It acts as a central repository system that contains all your client related information in a consolidated form. In simple words, a CRM system brings your prospects and existing clientele under one roof.

The right CRM software can help you provide better customer service with its customer-focused capabilities. Additionally, it will help your customer service representatives address underlying issues systematically.

In this blog, we will identify the top 5 ways to resolve your customer complaints through a CRM software.

  1. Keep customer data organized: Your prospects can reach out to you through multiple sources- social media, website, calls, landing pages, search engines, paid ads, and emails. CRM software logs in the customer source to help you understand your marketing efforts and identify which channels perform better. Also, the communication thread from individual source can be hunted down to as old as an initial greeting. Therefore, customer service representatives can leverage this software to offer personalized service that will make customers at home and offer spot-on resolution.
  2. Automated Workflows: Track your customer at every stage of the conversion funnel. When you establish various touch points for your customers to convert, they will have more genuine reasons to get associated with your brand. CRM software can enhance email marketing strategies with automated workflows based on how and when the customer engages with your brand.
  3. Setting up a web-form: Another way to manage customer complaints is using easier communication channel; setting up a web form to prevent complaints. This helps customers to request or check on anything they need or even download relevant resources. It offers an added benefit of posting queries without having to actually call and wait while it gets answered.
  4. Record complaints: Pointers discussed above mainly revolved around ‘how to attend a customer’s complaints?’ But, there are also points that companies must consider while retaining a customer base. Recording customer complaints as you move forward will help you accentuate your product/ service better. No matter how mundane it is. Each and every query and complaint, if attended properly, could improve your overall business performance. A CRM software helps you generate a database of such queries and lets you not miss them.
  5. Follow-up: 80% of sales require around 8 follow-up calls after the first meet up/ call. Sometimes lack of follow-up costs you a huge profit margin. Getting the importance of follow-ups? It is equally important for the representative after attending a complaint call. After the rep attends complaint, he/ she should keep a follow-up of whether the solution they offered was helpful.  This will prevent customers from looking for another option because your help did not satisfy their requirements. A CRM system has its own database for such instances. Using this database, you can have at least one follow-up after attending the complaint.

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91% customers tend to take action after a negative experience with a vendor. Out of which, 38% opt for changing the vendor. But, a right CRM software could save you from that one scary moment which would motivate your customers for never coming back.

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