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3 simple secrets to provide outstanding customer experience this year

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Customer experience
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Customer experience has evolved to be the key differentiator in today’s volatile and dynamic marketplace. In fact, it is a thin line differentiating a thriving organisation from a struggling one. In addition, customer service turns out to play a pivotal role when it comes to an organisation’s journey to win at providing optimum customer experience. So, what is it that makes for a perfect customer experience recipe.

Here are three simple yet effective ingredients that go into the making of that perfect customer experience formula:
  1. Proactive and highly engaged customer service

According to a recent report, the most productive and successful customer service folks are more likely to collaborate and connect with other various departments thus, driving consistent customer journey. Yes, the customer service crew plays a key role when it comes to determining a customer’s impression of the brand. In fact, a highly engaged and collaborative customer service team can turn a negative or unpleasant experience into a favourable one thus, turning tables completely. On the other hand, it is highly unlikely for a dissatisfied or unsympathetic customer service rep to achieve such a feat.

In addition, no business would want an irritated customer to deal with such a customer service rep that is disempowered with an unpleasant body language when in person. Successful customer service agents are the ones that tend to go out of the box when it comes to providing optimum customer experience. Now this is achievable only when you arm your customer service department with the right training and set of customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

  1. Having a centralized hub for customer data

Did you know: more than 50% of consumers want a brand to revert within a day on social media! Yes, today we are dealing with a smarter breed of customers that is tech-savvy and highly connected than ever. For instance, if a consumer approaches a brand with a concern, he/she wouldn’t want to hear or know about the complexities of that organisation whilst passed or forwarded to various departments across the company only to hear or receive the same information over and over again or the worst, kept on hold for undue amount of time.

This brings the need to unlock customer intelligence, which is all about knowing your customers in a much better manner. Spreadsheets won’t be of help here, since it is no less than a nightmare to pull out the required information in seconds while the customer is put on hold. This is where a CRM system comes into picture. Yes, a CRM serves as a centralized customer information hub that is accessible 24 x 7 irrespective of your location. It offers a unified view of a customer right from his first point of contact and entire journey into the sales pipeline thus, empowering the customer service reps to address the concern in a prompt and efficient manner.

  1. Personalization matters!

No customer would want to get the feeling that they are stuck in some long queue of people, who are waiting for their turn to be heard. This demand has evolved into a much a greater aspect today. Customers want to be heard and recognised minus an exhaustive process.

This is the reason an increasing number of customer service folks are leveraging customer intelligence to deliver personalised experience to them. Providing personalised customer experience is sure to pay off in the form of loyal and happy customers thus, contributing to a company’s bottom-line.


Providing a solid customer experience is no more a big business affair, since startups and small enterprises too can afford to provide it. All thanks to next-gen CRM tools that are helping them to understand and know their customers much better.

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