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3 Quality Painpoints a Process Manufacturer can address with ERP

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For process manufacturers particularly the food and beverage ones, product quality is always a topmost priority. In fact, it’s a protocol in itself for these manufacturers. If a process manufacturing organization fails to render focus on the quality aspect, it probably won’t stay in the business.

This is why process manufacturers all over the world are setting out to automate their quality processes and achieve more control overproduction. Yes, a process manufacturing business can do this by moving its critical business operations to cloud ERP software.

3 Quality Pain-points a Process Manufacturer

Here are three quality-related pain points a process manufacturer can address with manufacturing ERP software:

  1. Regulating Quality and Growth

Since we all know that customers hold process manufacturers to stringent quality measures thus, there is a dire need to regulate growth and quality for these businesses. Now when a process manufacturing business resorts to manual processes, there are high odds of committing blunders in batching. Further, it becomes challenging for everyone in the manufacturing unit to track and monitor inventory and expiration data. Thus, resulting in obsolete and excess inventory obstructing growth.


ERP for manufacturing industry offers the much-needed visibility for tackling these issues. Real-time inventory tracking of raw materials, finished products and work in progress becomes much easier. This helps to curb excess and obsolete inventory problems as well as related costs. Eureka! Improved inventory traceability and real-time insights into production costs.


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  1. Mitigating Recalls

One of the worst nightmares for every food manufacturing business. Yes, product recall not only leads to huge monetary loss and wasted materials, but also sabotages a company’s repute. This is why process manufacturers need to be equipped to deal with product recalls or safety alerts. With tons of data residing in silos, most of the process manufacturers fail to fetch detailed information required to curb risks in the event of product defects.


A manufacturing ERP software delivers accurate data required to track products and materials from suppliers to customers. Such accurate tracking capabilities offer process manufacturing businesses excellent visibility into materials or production processes. Responding to a product recall is no more a draconian task.


  1. Quality Control

Any quality control process is futile if it’s not repeatable and accurate. On the other hand, resorting to paper-based and manual quality control processes would only lead to vulnerability and errors.


With a manufacturing ERP software, a process manufacturing organisation can improve its quality control processes largely. The solution helps to connect the operators with all the needed data to deliver production performance reports to managers in real time.


Bottom Line:

With ERP for manufacturing industry, process manufacturers can digitise and tame quality control operations, mitigate risks of product recalls and regulate growth. Results! Increased profit margins, operational efficiency and advantage.

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