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ERP for Aviation Industry

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What is Aviation ERP Software?

ERP in aviation industry means an Enterprise Resource Planning System which is used as a central business management tool. It helps the company to automate the work and enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

ERP for aviation industry is an integrated platform which supports overall aviation processes like contract management, line maintenance, customer portal, human resource, quality control, billing & invoicing, business intelligence, fleet management, crew control, cargo management, flight operations, fuel storage, inventory management, supply chain etc. It provides data security and controls operational costs of business functions.

We will discuss more about it further in the blog.

Aviation Industry of India

The aviation sector in India is booming during the recent years. It is one of the important sectors contributing significantly to the economy. In India the civil aviation industry is classified into two sectors, i.e., scheduled air transport and non-scheduled air transport. Scheduled air transport includes domestic & international airlines and charter, air taxi operators, air cargo service are included in non-scheduled air transport.

Currently India’s civil aviation market stands at 7th position in the world. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) it is expected to cross United States and China as the third largest aviation market in the coming years. In India aviation industry has still many growth opportunities and many schemes are launched by the government to provide affordable and profitable travel like the UDAN-RCS scheme.

There are many upcoming opportunities for the companies to capture in this industry with the growing potential in regional aviation sectors.

ERP Software in Aviation Industry solves the following challenges:

Aviation business in India is growing and expanding by every passing minute. With more and more consumers willing to travel by air to save time, it is putting a lot of pressure on the industry to work at its optimum. Below challenges are faced normally by aviation industry:

  • It is getting difficult for the companies to keep up with the growing competition and maintain profitability in day-to-day operations.
  • Many airlines are based on manual operations which leads to low efficiency and increased errors. This can be overcome with automated processes.
  • Scheduling pilots is a crucial task which requires to pay attention to a variety of factors like aircraft types, licenses and rest opportunities which requires up to date information.
  • Providing quotes for the flights requires complex calculations i.e., complicated and time consuming. It has to take into consideration wing geometry, seasonal winds influence, amount of fuel required.
  • operational complexities may increase due to more flights and more routes.

Aviation industry demands timely precision work. With high working costs involved, it is essential that the company not only maintain a record of all the transactions but also its inventory, customer data, refund details, etc. in one place with an automated management software like ERP systems. ERP airlines handles the overall operations of recording, storing, managing and interpreting business data while providing real time insights. It also controls duplication and irrelevancy and boosts productivity through a single unified system.

While there are many ERP providers in the market, one should look for the ERP which is more flexible, user friendly and can be customized according to your needs like SAGE providers gives customized services.

Features of ERP system for Airline Industry

Provides Real time data:

ERP software provide effective real time data, which is useful for the authorities in assisting with quick decisions that need to be taken and resources to be optimized. This helps the organization to capture all the opportunities. Software like Sage ERP provides real time data along with BI tools for impactful decision making.

Helps in Inventory & Supply Chain Management:

The inventory and supply chain operations are very important for aviation industry. An ERP for aviation industry stores all the information about the available stocks and provide notifications according to the need of the inventory.

Sage ERP has specialized modules like inventory management system which provides feature such as optimize inventory, which computes the past data and on the basis of the same it suggests the optimum level of inventory for the organization.

Expenses Accounting:

ERP for aviation industry provides support to both industrial and financial activities. It helps in AP & AR automation. Further it records all the expenses cost center wise and in a systematic manner which helps the management to have a clear picture of the expenses and they can cut short expenses to improve the profitability of the organization.

Multiple MIS Reports:

Sage provides a great set of reports by analytics research, which enables the management to evaluate the working of the organization. These reports are accessible on the go and help the management to take strategic decisions as and when required.

Multi-Currency Accounting:

The operation of aviation Industries is spread all over the world and there are multiple transaction currencies involved. Here, the company cannot afford to have different plugins for different currencies.

ERP enables the user to record multi currency transactions, which gives flexibility to carry out global trade. It is here that Sage ERP has an edge over traditional ERP Software.

Automated Process:

ERP system helps industry in automating the business processes which increases productivity and cost savings. Enhances aircraft security, saves manual labour, improved flight control, dealing with the constant changes in configuration. ensures fleet dependability and airworthiness status.

Sales Inventory:

With sales module, the task of making quotations are automated and it reduces the human errors. ERP helps to facilitate a smooth sales process from order receiving to after sales service and keeping an update of customers preferences.

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Benefits of using ERP in Airlines:

Improved visibility and control:

The use of ERP provides detailed visibility and control across different departments of the company. Thus, it helps to identify any irregularity arising so that timely measures can be taken to quickly fix them.

Multi-currency accounting:

Aviation industry deals with all over the world and ERP makes it easy by providing multi-currency accounting. Global transactions are made pliable.

Data Security:

Sage ERP systems are completely trustworthy as the data in it is completely secure. Different user levels can also be set to keep confidential data private only to some stakeholders.

International Scalability:

To deal with international organizations, there’s a need to understand their local market and regulations. The complexities of internal government and compliances, such hurdles can be easily tackled by the ERP by integrated different regulations and helping on keeping a check on them.

Easy Sharing through Electronic Data Interchange:

The sending and receiving of order, invoices and messages are made simple with EDI feature.

Better communication between departments:

It facilitates better work and communications across different departments which are located in different places. Sage ERP India integrates the data at one platform and provides real time details of the same to every user.

Hence an aviation industry ERP system helps to work substantially in the long-term providing timely and accurate decisions.

Aviation industry emphasizes on providing the customers with the service which has a personalized touch to it and an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software will support the employees to provide such personalized touch.

Sage X3 ERP and Sage 300 aviation industry ERP helps in entire supply chain process, provides management effective control, emergency response system, human resources management which increase productivity and other systems for aerospace companies.

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