Capacity management Module in Sage X3

Capacity Management with Sage X3

When it comes to manufacturing industry, an efficient resource management is a quintessential task for any business into it. A manufacturing industry consists of several machinery, work centers and operations that work in accordance to each other to keep the business in motions. However, this machines & work centers are limited to their capacity and thus every operation, resources and distributions are needed to be planned and scheduled precisely.


Sage X3, a top-notch ERP software that is built to enhance and manage the way a business works. It can bring agility, precision while saving your time and finance consumption by helping you plan and schedule each and every process effectively. The partly cloud based software can save all your important data securely and making it available wherever and whenever in need.


To add more to it, Sage X3 has Capacity management functionality that can map the capacity of the machineries and schedule the work center in its system. It has various provisions where the user can define the machine working hours, days and labor constraints etc. which makes it very flexible to seamlessly control the center for an optimal output. It lets you schedule from days perspective, wherein you can predefine the weekly structures, working days and non-available days as well as maintenance days.


Furthermore, the routing management feature enables assigning work center for its respective operation with the period of usage. Thus, whenever any work order is initiated, Sage X3 ensures it considers all the above mentioned factors as per the planning and then calculates the required time for the production and helps you provide an estimated data, until when the product will be available for delivery.


To conclude with, such processes have made it easy to configure and execute an optimum management for the capacity parameters, which can ensure better yield, reduced time and wastage of the product, eventually escalating a major burden of your pocket as well.


So Sage X3 has proved to be a boom maker for all kind of manufacturing industries, where the capacity definitions and execution is prime constraint. To know more about Sage X3’s features, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free details and consultation.


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