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Control your business activities with ERP software

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ERP Software For Business
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An ERP software does much more than controlling the different aspects of your business, it amplifies the efforts of the human resources to successfully manage all your business activities from a single platform while allowing you to have the visibility on the go. In an age where there are hundreds of new industries and organizations taking birth every day, business dynamics have become vast and complicated. In a bid to always be the most preferred vendor for the customer, the business has to undertake a lot of activities for bettering their processes or services. With a centralized control management system like and ERP software, the company can handle its transactions, operations or services, etc. while keeping a tab on their sales and sales forecast.

ERP software sounds like a big investment but whatever the size of the organization be, needs an ERP. An ERP software helps in analysing all the aspects of the business to avoid any data duplicity and data leakages. ERP software is a utility now and nearly all types of industries need one.

How can an ERP software be used for various types of industries:

  • Accounting and finance:

It does more than just replacing the work of the pen, paper and the calculator. Accounting and finance is something that is omnipresent, right from your home to large enterprises, almost everyone does it. But what is the quality and the level of accuracy in it? And how much analytics can you derive from it to estimate where your business is going? Is something that the business needs to grow faster.

A good ERP comes with brilliant tools that are extremely handy. Tools like inter-currency availability, EFT and tax reporting, Calculation of ROI, cash management, budget planning, generating reports via the BI feature, etc are all handled unerringly well, consequently, giving you an impeccable grip over the accounts and finance operations in your company. What you get in your hands is reduced costs and improved productivity with complete hassle-free handling of accounting and finance operations.

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting :

Intelligence in business is a must but what is even more important is having the right reports to help you to arrive at an intelligent analytical conclusion. All your dissonant data are revamped and evaluated into rational and meaningful reports. Sage ERP’s feature of anywhere and anytime access to critical data makes it painless to generate reports with insightful information for you to take decisions on your important business matters. Improved forecasting, planning and timely actions gives your business a healthy performance.


  • Sales and customer management:

Sales and customer management activities can uplift as well degrade an organization in terms of their performance, revenues and profitability. Having a visibility over your whole sales activities and better accountability from the sales reps definitely lands you in a better position to have a greater control over these to enhance the performance and get more productive. Customer management is not a child’s play. It is hard and excruciatingly difficult to keep them satisfied and delighted. But again, it’s not as simple as giving them a toy so that they can be happy. Today, business is carried out keeping them and only them in mind, so why the services being provided to them should be sacrificed? There are globally vital stats that give a startling indication that customers in most organizations are unsatisfied with the degree of quality services are provided to them.

It is high time we keep them delighted rather than satisfied. Therefore, for this, providing loyalty-building service and support with out-of-the-box customer service capabilities, possessing complete and up-to-date information are absolute necessities. It is vital that the sales person is able to present his case in front of the customer with more resolution and the necessary amount of assurance. Availability of stocks, inventory, pricing, discounting, credit limits are crucial information which have to be available to him or her readily whenever the person is on a client visit. Implement and see how remunerative the results can be.

  • Purchasing and supplying management:

Manufacturing industries are the main users and executioners of these ERP software. They require purchasing of raw materials and other things along with having to check the supply of materials is on time, has been supplied or if there is any delay, etc. At times as such, the ERP software can come handy as enable you to have a complete command over both the purchasing as well as the supplying activities.

From the activities like: order to receipt, the entire purchase process, subcontracts, import declarations, and inter-company transactions all are handled with ease and perfection with the help of an ERP system in place. An ERP system streamlines all your business processes in these matters. Purchasing Management creates a detailed and accurate record of each purchase made. Important and minute details of the purchaser and who placed the order will never goes amiss. Supplying management tool again helps you in fulfilling responsibilities of checking whether the supplier has supplied the goods at the required location, if not what’s the current status and is there any help needed from your part needed.

  • Inventory management and warehousing :

Inventory management is again an indispensable part of an organization. Having an accurate inventory tracking will again help you reduce drastically the carrying costs through a satisfactory order service provided. A real-time inventory management works wonders in cases where the distributor is easily able to track the merchandise’s information including location, disposition of goods, receipts and the status. Sage ERP’s inventory management includes tools that are needed for location management, quality control and sampling, inventory replenishment, physical counting, etc. Again, availability of stock in what quantities and up to what date and how many more days helps one to take care about all the warehousing activities. On the whole, the supply chain is explicitly handles very well and gives better expected than results.

  • Compliance: they are no more a headache

Remaining fully statutory compliant has innumerable benefits. Having an impressive control over the security and acquisition issues helps you in areas of building a better rapport with the clients, prospects and your business partners. From HMDS to filing of the TDS returns, an all round ERP will take the responsibility and give you a stress-free environment pushing you to concentrate more on the paramount priorities like building on core business competencies, etc.

Implementing ERP now gives you the results for years to come. Investment and efforts put in procuring this never disappoint you. It’s time you automate your important business activities to be the leader and always have a complete 360 degree control over the business activities.

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