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CRM and Cybersecurity: Is your business ready?

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CRM and Cybersecurity
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CRM software for Business Services

Gone are the days, when businesses used to stack up critical customer data in rolodex and filing cabinets. All thanks to CRM solutions, as all this critical data is now stacked up in servers mainly cloud with strong connection to the Internet making it accessible 24 x 7 and secure through stringent cybersecurity protocols.

As we know that businesses across the world are grappled by cyberattacks often in the form of ransomware, malware, etc., it is time we get serious about cyberattacks.

CRM and Cybersecurity: Things you should know

Some of the common security threats for the data keyed into a CRM system include server breakdown or a lethal security breach. In the event of a server breakdown, data backups on cloud servers can save the day for you. However, in case of security breach or cyberattack, the CRM system ought to be equipped with stringent security layers to tackle the attack.

Here are few handpicked features that a CRM system should have for data security:

  1. Data sharing rights

Since CRM solutions can be customised to offer data access, similarly it can be customised to grant access to data sharing and duplicating. Simply put, whilst employees use the CRM system for their routine work like generating sales reports, viewing predictive analytics, etc., the system can be customised to prohibit the users from downloading, copying or sharing the data. So without obstructing the essence and purpose of the CRM, you get full control over the data.

  1. Mobile CRM shouldn’t compromise on security

Whilst mobile CRM undoubtedly is one of the most trending things in the modern CRM landscape, which provides access to crucial data on the fly, but not to forget, it is a sensitive platform when it comes to data security. Cybersecurity threats or access to data in offline mode can be a big loophole for a mobile CRM. Nevertheless, a business can always opt to customise security patterns on mobile devices in order to make data unavailable when in offline mode. This would help secure the data through robust firewall and remote security system.

  1. App based access

CRM data stacked on cloud servers or platforms is accessible 24 x 7 to a broad number of users through the Internet. Nevertheless, using an app is by far the smartest way of using a CRM system and the data it entails. In addition, app based CRM solutions ensure improved efficiency, friendly navigation and smooth integration whilst ensuring safety from a possible data breach, which is a common scenario with external browsers.

With great technology comes imminent security threats that can incur damages beyond repair. Fortunately, we have advanced and well-equipped CRM software solutions today serving businesses with intelligent customer data in a secure and seamless manner.


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