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CRM for Cab Service

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CRM for Cab Service - Best ERP & CRM Company in India
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There has been a recent surge in the growth of cab services in India. It is one of the growing areas of investment in India where there is constant struggle among the common people regarding inconsistent fares, finding a transport, safety, etc. Online cab firms have found a big opportunity in this by providing an App which can be easily configured on smartphone along with the customer’s details. The customer just has to enter his pick-up and drop locations. Fare is known to him prior to even booking along with the details of the driver. Contrary to the traditional taxi service, these cab services act as a pick and drop service on demand. Players like Ola Cabs, Uber cabs, etc. have found a strong customer base in a major part of the world as they sought to remove inconvenience which the customer would otherwise face.

For an industry that solely functions for the customer satisfaction, it becomes a very essential task for them to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers to stay ahead in competition, and that cannot be only achieved just by providing a better service, but by paying attention to customer’s complaints as well as feedback and knowing what more they expect from your service. It cannot only help you build a strong relation with your customer but also it will improve your services.

A CRM software, like Sage CRM finds it easier to build a healthy Company – Customer relationship with its comprehensive and compatible features, along with analytics and power to integrate with any other third party systems.

Consider using / integrating with CRM for Cab Service:

Manage and save details: Save critical details of your inventory along with the vendors and drivers in a central repository along with contract documents and commissions. With Inventory management and tracking, tracking of all inventory becomes easier and so does pre-booking. The company on basis of the same, can plan for festive offers / plan for busy or peak hours. The company can also save details of their most regular clients and offer them special offers through loyalty management and make most of the CRM.

Customer Feedback: A call for a feedback can only work in a favor of your service. Sage CRM can help you record and maintain these feedback which can be helpful to analyse and rectify the flaw in your service. Feedback many times also helps the company to introduce a new value addition to their services and increase the customer base. Positive or negative, all data needs to be recorded as analysis in the year end becomes easier and relevant.

Go Social: People like to follow things they like on social media, a presence in social media can tell more about your service like features, offers, updates etc. as well as help in marketing. With the help from Social CRM from Sage CRM software, you can know what the consumers are talking about the brand and record them all for further analysis or marketing purpose.

Analytics: Analysis of all the processes in a B2C is as crucial as the process itself. To identify what region is giving good revenue or what region needs to be monitored. There may be some Tier II or Tier III cities which may be still not ready for adopting to this new method, hence, pulling out of them is far wiser choice than investing more in them. Finding for any data duplicity and checking for data leakages can provide the company with more authentic sales forecasting and pipeline.

Integrating a CRM with your cab portal gives you a wider control on your processes along with visibility and sales forecasting. It brings all the stakeholders of the company from investors to vendors together for providing better service to the customer. To know more about your business specific CRM, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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