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Different Level of user security in Sage X3

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User Security in Sage X3
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In every Organization, all users play a very critical role in building a company. To track all their leads, sales and other information, it is advisable for the company to have a single ERP Solution to get intelligent business reports. With a single ERP Solution, the company needs to decide whom to give access and what level of access, so that there is no mishandling of critical business information.

The need to restrict users to access ERP Modules can be based on the employees’ role and their department. User security and access should be the top most priority on the company’s mind as there is a lot of data involved especially for companies like manufacturing and distribution. By providing limited rights and evaluating access & Security controls for ERP, we can control data corruption and data leakage, which is very much necessary for an ERP system. Sage X3, a robust and scalable ERP Solution provides you different levels of security to restrict users to access ERP System.

Below mentioned are the different user security levels available in Sage X3 to restrict users:

  1. Menu Profile: Sage X3 provides a very useful feature called menu profile which can be defined in users screen to restrict the users to access all modules, screen, and reports in Sage X3.  We can create a menu profile for example “PO”, wherein we will only add PO Module related screen and report and that profile can be assigned to a particular set of users, who belong to Procurement department.
  1. Function Profile: Sage X3 provides another feature called function profile, which can be defined in the users screen to restrict users based on their function.  For example, if a person is only doing expense types of entries in the system then he should have only access for expense types GL accounts, he shouldn’t have access for other GL account.  In this case we can create an access code let’s say “ACCTRESTRICT” and add this access code in function profile and define same access code in GL account to give access function type for the users.
  1. BI user Profile: Sage X3 provides another feature called BI user profile, which can be defined in user screen to provide restriction on BI Reports. Only those users can access users, who have BI user profile assigned in user screen.
  1. Row Level Permission: Sage X3 Provides another feature called row level permission, which is basically useful for the filtering the data to be displayed to particular user.  For example if a user has to display sales order of only a particular customer “CUST01”, then we can use this feature and can assign that object code, to the employee who has access of that particular customer.

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