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Dimension Flow setup in Sage X3

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Sage X3
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Many a times, to optimize data entry and also ensure that the correct dimensions are tagged to transactions, you need to either tag dimensions on Masters and make it flow to the transactions or use the dimensions in the previous transactions available for current transaction.

In this blog let’s learn how this can be achieved in Sage X3.

Dimensions flow setup is present at :

Setup Financials → Accounting Interface Default dimension’s

Sage X3

Here, we can set the dimension flow for each module separately for header level and lines level.

Sage X3

As mentioned in above image, we can set the flow for purchase order header by selecting the source of the flow for each dimension type shown in below image:

Sage X3

Also, in some cases it is required to flow the dimensions from master in misc. transaction we can have configuration as mentioned in below image:

Sage X3

In above case, if misc. transaction is being carried out, then dimensions will be fetched from the product masters and if the dimensions need to flow from previous transaction then second line will handle that case.

For example, while creation of purchase invoice before selecting GRN we can see the suppliers master dimensions are being flow, once the GRN is selected GRN’s dimensions are being flow.

Before GRN selection:

Sage X3

After GRN selection:

Sage X3

At this type we can have configuration of dimensions flow for header level and line level of purchase and sales transactions.


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