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ERP for Alcohol Manufacturing Industry

ERP for Alcohol Manufacturing Industry
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Breweries and Distillery is the most complex industry in the market. The added rules and regulations along with heavy taxes levied makes it even more complicated. Right from the manufacturing to transport, seamless flow of data related to customs and excise duty, licensing, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSSAI) and regulation rules is mandatory for smooth operations.

In addition to these, it is also important to make on-demand information like raw materials, procurement policies, MIS reports, liquor production units, etc. easily accessible. A few key elements involve complying with bottling, quality check and blending, milling, fermentation, ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), grain procurement and Molasses Control (Act). Therefore, in order to keep agile process and maintain data transparency, it is important for companies to adopt ERP solution for alcohol industry.  

Features of ERP for Alcohol Manufacturing Industry are :
  • Monitor, control, and reduce wastage across various manufacturing stages.
  • Ensure the best quality control across multiple parameters.
  • Create unique formulas in BOM for numerous products.
  • Maintain the stock based on the batch number.
  • Manage the sales staff across different locations.
  • Plan the supply of raw materials based on the lead time, sales forecast, and available stock.
  • Generate tax and statutory reports quickly.
  • Schedule machine-wise production based on capacity.
  • Forecast accurate sales numbers for the next financial period.


ERP for Alcohol When the inventory is to be transported to different parts of the country, the taxes vary. Manually dealing with such situations will lead to duplicity of data and miscalculations. It is nearly impossible to manage a fleet of inventories with respective data compliances in multiple parts of the country all through a calculator, pen and paper. To address this challenge, robust ERP for Breweries like Sage X3 incorporates all the detailing involved with manufacturing, compliances and distribution. Intelligent reporting feature associated with ERP software for alcohol industry helps organization get a bird’s eye view on all operations.

Sage X3 allows creation of product categories based on purchase, manufacture, generic, sub-contracted, etc. along with comprehensive description. These products can be further categorized into more micro modules like item weight, density, unit purchase, etc.) Users can enter the products with their description, color and measuring unit. Apart from this, Sage X3 also allow adding supplier code, if applicable. Sage ERP for alcohol industry comes with a unit of measurement conversion table that helps admins achieve conversion coefficients between units.

Sage X3 allows companies to calculate the exact costing per bottle and location wise distribution rules and regulations. With the alcohol ERP companies can easily do following things:

1. Purchase Flow: To beat the manual handling of complex tasks in breweries and distilleries, Sage X3 offers automated workflow management and simplifies tasks like general material purchase, grain procurement process, coal procurement process, packing material purchase process, diesel purchase process, spirit and malts purchase process, chemical, and essence and color purchase process.

2. Sub-Contracting: Sage X3 ERP for alcohol industry lets you manage all RFQs and POs through the request screen. Easily manage stock flows from warehouse to departments or vice-versa.

3. Inventory & Warehousing: Sage X3 is capable of handling complete inventory from raw materials to finished good through a single platform.

4. Sales Flow: Manage all credit and cash flow related to IMFL, country liquor warehouse, cattle feed, industrial CO2, and scarp sales.

5. Planning, Manufacturing & Quality Control: Sage X3 – a thoughtfully designed ERP for alcohol industry takes care of production, quality, purchase, and safety lead time. It offers its users complete data transparency on production planning and raw materials.


To know how Sage ERP for alcohol industry help ease operations, save time and increase profitability, contact us here. You can also write to us at for a FREE demo or CRM consultation.

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