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ERP for Carpet and Flooring Industry

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ERP for Carpet and Flooring Industry
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The carpet and flooring decorating industries are very unique in nature as the customers for such products have very specific requirements and many a times require a heavy customization along with expecting a good TAT. ERP for Carpet and Flooring Industry helps the company to effectively manage and maintain all data and the specific customer requirements along with the visibility of sales and revenue.

ERP for carpet and flooring industry helps the company adopting a process-oriented approach towards Inventory tracking and management, supply chain management software (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM). This ERP tool enables the carpet and flooring manufacturers to maximize profits and realize a collaborative environment between customers, suppliers and distributors by eliminating data duplicity and identifying the leakages in the data system.


Benefits of ERP for carpet and Flooring Industry:

Selection and Planning: A planning department makes precise material decision and estimates with numerous scenarios, customer preferences and budgets. ERP for carpet and flooring industry automates the whole experience and makes the process more cost-effective and dynamic while having a planned material requirement planning in place.


Product Estimation: Every product manufacturing begins with an accurate estimate and forecasting of sales. An ERP for carpet and flooring industry provides precise requirement of the product by sales forecasting so that the materials are not over procured and wasted. Since Carpet and Flooring Industry have expensive materials, they cannot afford to misread their requirements and be in a loss / wastage position. These cost effective decisions can also be made on the go anytime, anywhere and from any device with Sage ERP for carpet and flooring industry.


Optimizing Operations: Sage ERP solutions are made to enhance and optimize all the aspects of the organisation like inventory, sales, customer service, marketing, etc. Investment in a single system will relieve you of the need for various other systems hence, making the data flow in real time between all the departments and enhancing the output of all the departments.


Quality Control: ERP implementation helps to maintain the standard quality of the product throughout by pushing the use for exact specification of materials and also by having a visibility in all the processes. Constant monitoring of each stage is important since it will help the company to improve their TAT and keep their customers satisfied.


Inventory Management: Through an ERP for carpet and flooring industry, the manufacturers can establish and maintain a warehouse where the materials are received and shipped with an inventory tracking system that assures that the materials will be accurately received, safely stored, and quickly retrieved. This will ensure timely delivery of materials and customer satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction: The customer service module with automated follow ups and marketing features, will help the company to take regular feedback from their clients and update them about any new offer. Features like Social CRM will also help the company to increase its customer base and also keep them loyal to the company.

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