ERP for Cold Storage Industry

ERP for Cold Storage Industry

India is the second largest producer of fruits and among the top 5 largest producer for various vegetables in the world. There are a lot of tasks that take place to keep the number one position for the country. From small to big, all processes matter like – SCM, Packaging, vendor management, storage facilities, etc. One of the most important and tedious task is the perseveration post-harvest of the perishable items. A lot of these products need to be stored for a longer duration especially during transport and distribution to prevent losses after production. This is where the Cold storage Industry comes in. A cold storage helps to maintain the quality of products, slower the rate of deterioration and result in a longer storage life.


There are mainly three types of cold storages:


1)  Control atmosphere cold storage: Control atmosphere cold storage is mainly used for long – term storage of perishable fruits. In this type of cold storage, apart from temperature, concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and nitrogen are maintained as per the requirement of the storage materials. These are mainly used for the storage of apples, pears, lemon, litchi, mango and other perishable fruits.


2) Temperature controlled cold storage: This type of cold storage is mainly used for storage of grains, dry fruits and spices. In this type of storage, a constant predetermined temperature is maintained throughout the room.


3) High humidity cold storage: This type of cold storage is mainly used for storage of fresh vegetables. In this type of storage, a constant predetermined temperature with high humidity is maintained throughout the room. Apart from temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide and air circulations within the products are maintained automatically.


Wherever there is inventory, suppliers and vendors, there will be a need to maintain the stocks, information and details about SCM in one place along with the requirements of the clients. ERP for Cold Storage Industry is useful for cold storage companies to increase quality and accuracy of information as well as give up-to-date information regarding account and stock position of any item, handle finance / accounting, sales, service, manufacturing, customer relationship management etc. in one place.


ERP for cold storage industry offer some benefits which are as follows:


  • Customer stock detail
  • Goods inward & outward management
  • Inventory stock detail
  • Assign unique lot no
  • Notification to customer ,vendor & supplier
  • Remainder to customer about payment dues
  • Invoice (As on date )
  • Daily inward & outward detail
  • Account management (Account balance, Profit & loss, Trial balance, Balance Sheet )
  • Auto email
  • User right management
  • Stock shifting one location to another
  • Item detail (Rack Wise, floor wise,chamber wise)
  • Lot/Daily/Party wise reports.
  • Auto backup facility

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