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ERP for Lab Equipment Industry

ERP for Lab Equipment Industry
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Chemical and Manufacturing Industry a lot of times need the use of Labs and lab Equipment for their products. Lab equipment may be of many types like Plastic ware, Glass ware, burners, slides, etc. Manufacturing and distributing the lab equipment products is as is a very cumbersome job, add to it the pressures of standard quality checks and adhering to compliance. It is here that an ERP for Lab Equipment Industry will help the company to stay ahead of competition and also maintain operational efficiency.

Lab Equipment Manufacturing business today have to maintain their position in not only the complex market, but also the processes and competition. While following a lot of standards and regulations, the company also has to see to it that its customers are satisfied with the timely delivery and the quality. Aspects like operational cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, Cost of machinery, Medical Aid, Maintaining inventory cost, quality control and assurance also needs to be maintained by the company. It is here that ERP for Lab Equipment Industry will help the company to handle all the processes under one roof.


Let’s see the benefits of Sage 300, ERP for Lab Equipment Industry:

  • Manufacturing is one of the crucial stages of such organization as it includes a huge cost for labor, scrap, machine, and maintenance. Sage 300, ERP for lab Equipment Industry helps in recording all transactions related to manufacturing right from Bill of Material to final output from a single system and on the go.


  • Sage 300, ERP for Lab Equipment Industry helps to keep track on the inventory, batch wise and lot wise. It also help in maintaining the stock of some items which are expensive & dangerous so with the help of inventory methods like FIFO we can keep an eye on such items.


  • Such businesses have multiple unit customers hence, maintaining a record for the same is very important. Each transaction, unit wise, lot wise – from order receipt to order dispatch and delivery is important for the company to maintain in a single system so as to avoid and data duplicity and overlapping. These can be tracked, maintained and pulled up whenever required from Sage 300.


  • Sage 300 also, ERP for Lab Equipment Industry, has a very good feature which is called as “Optional field” which helps us to check the income and expenses incurred on manufacturing of different products like Glassware, Plastic ware. This helps in keeping the costs in control and also analyzing the cost to conversion ratio and forecasting the sales.


  • Record all assets transaction right from purchase to disposal along with the depreciation value in Sage 300, ERP for Lab Equipment Industry. Sage 300 also provides us reports like Asset Register which in turn gives us very valuable information like when we have purchase the asset, cost of the assets, depreciation of asset and Disposal cost of asset.


  • Sage 300 provides us with important reports like Debtors ageing report, which provides details like how many invoices have been raised against the customer, how many invoices have crossed free credit period and how many invoices falls under urgent position. These kind of data are beneficial to follow up with the customer for clearing outstanding & even we can send dunning messages to customer.


  • Sage 300, ERP for Lab Equipment Industry is an integrated financial tool which easily integrate with other system like payroll, POS and Inventory tools for seamless tracking and operations. For more details, You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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