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ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry

ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry
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During construction / manufacturing, there are many processes involved which are value add-on and are essential to the whole project. One of the major supplementary area is metal fabrication – which is the process of building or shaping metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling. Metal Fabrication, even though it is a supplementary process, like other construction companies, metal fabrication industry too involves a lot of complex processes right from sourcing of inventory, quality checks on the raw material, safety standards, production, testing and distribution.


ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry


Different fabrication shops have different processes like casting, chipping, extrusion, forging, welding, etc., but what do they lack is automated business management system in place. As business grows its handling cost also increases. Hence, it becomes important that the management manages the business effectively to get more benefits from it. Until recently, companies were using excel sheets, tally, etc. to manage their business but what they need is a more robust and smart applications like Sage 300, ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry which manages all your critical systems along with your ancillary processes seamlessly from one platform itself. Sage 300 ERP Solution is a highly scalable and robust solution that has an ability to manage all critical business functions in any kind of business.


In sage 300 ERP for metal fabrication industry, we have many modules like Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Account receivable and Account Payable where you can store all information of your vendors, customers, their purchases and sales. In I/C Module you can keep all the information of your product, raw materials, their on hand quantity, quantity commits along with the specification for cutting, blending and quality checks if needed. There is a transaction screen called as BOM – Bill of Material which is very helpful in Metal Fabrication Industry for keeping a track of all the finished goods and its component items (raw materials), with which you can easily maintain the raw materials and its final product and keep track of the payments and auto invoicing, if need be.


Along with bringing all processes on a single platform, ERP for Metal Fabrication also helps in generating reports which will be helpful to the management in forecasting about sales and also improving productivity. To know more about how can Sage Software Solutions help your company to grow, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a free consultation.


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