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Gear up your Employees for a new ERP system

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Gear up your employees for a new ERP system
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We have spoken a lot about what are the factors which make or break the ERP Implementation, one of the most crucial and important factor are the employees or the users of the ERP system who play a vital role in the success or failure of an ERP Implementation. Preparing your employees to welcome and accept a new ERP system is a very important step in the success of the Implementation.

How to ensure effective Implementation of a new ERP system:


The End user training is a most important aspect of ERP Implementation. Proper training sessions makes the users fully equipped with handling of the system independently. The training program should be designed to cater to individual needs and hence should be carefully planned. All users should be trained to take full advantage of system’s capabilities.


Early Involvement of the Users:

Early Involvement of the end users in the ERP Implementation is tricky. If done properly, early end user involvement can earn rich benefits. If not done properly, it could end up in user dissatisfaction about the project and hamper every phase of the project and lead in delay of acceptance for the solution leading to cost overruns. Following are the two key value plans for end user involvement:

  1. Additional validation of the solution via testing.
  2. Greater user adoption and enablement.


Assign and Ensure priority to its usability:

Make the End users an active partner and not a passive customer. Their active involvement will lead to a successful Implementation. It should be made clear to the users that using the ERP system on effective basis should be given significant importance. This is achievable only when the ERP is user friendly. Users of different skill sets will use the ERP and hence it should not be a complex platform. It should be easy to navigate and understand.


Positive Approach:

User behavior is one of the key factors that drives in a successful completion of the ERP project. A positive attitude enables the users to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of business requirements. This approach allows to move on quickly and take decision to solve problems, embrace challenges that comes during this phase. Productivity is at its lowest when it comes to negative approach. Reluctant and negative users could be a disaster for an ERP implementation, no matter how good the Solution is.


Monitor Employee Progress and understanding:

Monitoring should be integrated into all stages of Implementation. As the project progresses, a careful audit of each milestone will help ensure that the users and the consultants are performing as it should be. It is very important that the End Users should understand the system behavior at various stages and understand their roles.


Right Mentality:

The best way to deal with the success of the Implementation is to assure the users of their job security and importance of why the ERP system is being implemented. Encourage them to ask about the benefits of the ERP system and learn more of the software. For a faster implementations of ERP system which suit your business, write to us at


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