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How can ERP and CRM Integration Improve Operational Performance for your Business?

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ERP and CRM Integration
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Although two different enterprise management systems, CRM and ERP solutions work great when in fusion. Whilst both these tools work great on their own, businesses can unleash their true potential only after a robust ERP and CRM integration.

Today, with all critical business data being generated at warp speed, entrepreneurs and business managers are confronting with increasingly complex-to-handle business operations than ever. Fortunately, several small and medium sized businesses are acknowledging the significance of ERP and CRM integration solutions into one unified solution to help automate and improve business operations as well as performance.

To give you a gist, ERP solutions automate and streamline back-office processes such as HR, accounting, inventory, purchase, etc., whereas CRM systems help simplify sales pipeline management, track customer details, customer interactions, etc. So one can imagine the benefits of integrating these business management solutions.

Here are some prominent benefits of ERP and CRM Integration into one single solution. There’s no looking back!

No more duplicate entries and data entry bloopers

Both ERP and CRM integration solutions contain account and contact details used for diverse purposes. CRM is focused on sales, customer support, and prospects, whereas ERP on shipping, billing, purchase etc.  Integration of both these solutions eliminates any duplicate data entries that can trigger further chaos. Thus, any changes done in ERP will automatically reflect in the CRM system and that too in real time ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Seamless and faster data sharing

Sales team is the one to benefit the most from ERP and CRM integration, since it will boosts their productivity significantly. With a finely integrated and single solution, sales reps get easy and quick access to order, purchase, inventory and billing details even when on the go.

Reduced IT overheads

With only one system to maintain, IT costs are sure to drop. Plus, there is no need to set-up or install separate systems for each of these solutions saving your IT crew from the pains of maintaining multiple systems.

Reduced training costs

With a finely ERP and CRM integration solution, there is no need to conduct separate training for the users. Simply put, your employees would require training for a single solution only saving you a great deal of time, resources and money.

Improved forecasting and visibility

One of the key benefits of ERP and CRM integration, is that it creates a unified repository for invoice, order and purchase data. This renders your sales reps with amazing visibility and insights into order status as well as helps them track the same in a few clicks. On the other hand, instant access to real-time data improves forecasting significantly.

Unparalleled mobility

Accessible through any handheld device from any location, an integrated solution offers unmatched mobility to all its users. This is a boon to sales reps, who are out in the field on a regular basis. Reps can access, update and record important details into the system even when on the run.

Upgrades available at keystroke

Upgrades are not a problem with ERP and CRM integration solution, as they can be done with just a few clicks. Thus, ensuring that the solution runs seamlessly and at its optimal best without much hassle.


When you have you fully integrated CRM and ERP solution, every department in your business would find it very easy to collaborate. Further, streamlined business data available at fingertips ensures that everyone is on the same page leaving no room for redundancies and bloopers.

Importantly, managers and business owners get quick and easy access to all the critical business data as and when needed. So it can be concluded that, integrating ERP and CRM solutions not only improves productivity, but also drives in sales eventually leading to increased revenue and profits. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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