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How CRM is solving the problem of Technical Support

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CRM system for technical support
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A Customer Relationship Management or CRM system for technical support offers a holistic view of all your customers (acquired as well as the ones in the pipeline waiting to be converted). The system reduces the painful manual searching process paving way for streamlined sales forecast.

CRM system for technical support stores all the information pertaining to your customers (geography, contact details, purchase history, purchase behaviour, etc.) Most importantly, CRM helps identify showstoppers in your business. In other words, the most important customers for your business.

The question here is what does it have for technical support?

CRM can be the biggest asset for a company when it comes to technical support. Since it stores information pertaining to every type of customer for your business, whether existing or new, it maintains a centralized database for all.

CRM system for technical support helps the users to identify the customers and capture their details called as a “lead”. Next, the sales rep can easily track them and follow up accordingly. Once the deal is finalized, user captures customer’s requirement and creates “Opportunity” in the system. Further, users can capture customer’s complaints in the “Case” table of CRM. They also have the option to follow-up or track the customer acquisition process. The entire process right from attracting the customer to acquiring and retaining becomes smooth with the help of an integrated CRM software.

Understanding Customer Life-cycle Management with Sage CRM

Now comes the economical part of CRM system for technical support . Yes, a good CRM solution can greatly reduce admin and data entry work for your technical support crew thus, helping the department’s productivity and efficiency. Further, the system consolidates all the information allowing instant access. This saves time.

Sage CRM is one such customer relationship management system that serves as a perfect sidekick for your sales, marketing, tech support and management people accompanying them in each state of customer life cycle development.

How CRM is solving the problem of Technical Support

Sage CRM software allows to:

  1. Capture multiple contacts per account along with their contact information for each.
  2. Capture multiple addresses per account.
  3. Track current service requests against the accomplished ones.
  4. Capture services history.
  5. Capture multiple types of cases.
  6. Capture customer and communication history.
  7. Track every step taken against any case.
  8. Capture notes/tasks against any account with customer details.
  9. Capture details, notes or tasks against any service order.
  10. Set reminders against next service due.
  11. Track leads.
  12. Set reminders for follow-ups and/or appointments.
  13. Schedule services and assign it to other users.
  14. Send product details and emails to customers.
  15. Track and maintain sales reports on daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

A good CRM system for technical support would serve as a perfect companion throughout the customer life cycle thus paving way for smooth technical support. To know how Sage CRM can reinvent your technical support game, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware, for free demo and consultation.

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