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New Password Policy in Sage X3 V12

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Password Policy
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Sage X3 ERP is one of the important for the organizations because it connects all the department and team of organization.

ERP without proper security level in place will be worst scenario as your whole organization will be at stake if all the sensitive information will get exposed or in case of worst scenario information will not able to recover.

In Most of the scenario most of the people keep their password very simple and this leaves them in trouble of their account hacked.

In Sage X3 V12 of latest version system has taken care of proper password policy which ensures security level of organization.

To Setup Password Policies

Administrator Setting Password Policies

  • We can create multiple number of password policies, then assign them to groups / users based on the nature of the requirement with X3 V12.
  • We can set complex having a minimum / max length for the passwords, add conditions such as having an upper case / lower case and even a numeric.
  • We can even maintain Black-Listed password in Sage X3 V12 so system will not let anyone use it.
  • We can set expiration period for the password as well as alert to the users where they can get alert before their password expiration.

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