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Non-Conformance Module in Sage X3

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Non-Conformance Module in Sage X3

This is a very important module for all kind of service, manufacturing and distribution companies, which will help track the issues related to the Customer and supplier returns.

Non Conformance module will mainly come into picture when the products manufactured or sold does not match the minimum standard requirements and then are send back to the origin from where it is dispatched. It not only helps track the issues with the customers and suppliers but also help trace the issues within the organization. The module helps in tracking this kind of issues and ensures proper action plans are derived and further implemented. This kind of problems/issues might have an impact on the organizations image, cost, performance and not least but can also create statutory and compliance issues.

The Non Conformance request helps the organization to enter the details related to the returns/issues faced against the materials or services. In the screen the user, have multiple options which he can select along with the document reference and further assign a approver and a quality personal to it for further processing.


Non-Conformance Module in Sage X3


Once a Non Conformance request is set into the system, it is now time to act on it and execute the concrete corrective plan defined. With the help of Action plan, the user can update, what has been done against the Non Conformance request so that the case is closed and the external or internal authority us intimated accordingly. In this step, again Sage has provided multiple option to select and track what all things has been done against the request so that you define your own set of options and values and then also have an analysis of it whenever required.


Non-Conformance Module in Sage X3


The analytics related to the non-conformance will help avoid the same quality or compliance issues, which might re-occur. This if we implement this module then we can have a proper preventive major taken such that the issues with the internal and external parties are minimized.

As now we are through with the concept of Non-conformance in the next blog, we will highlight as how we setup the non-conformance module.


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