Sage 300 ERP for Machine Shops

Sage 300 ERP for Machine Shops

Today’s world is faster and more automotive driven. There is automation in even the simplest form of substance around us. From bigger cranes to simple automatic toothbrush, robotics and machines now have a very deep penetration in our lives.

Machine manufacturing is a growing business now as more and more demand to automate our lives is building up. Machine manufacturers on the other hand, use a plethora of operations to make a machine and see to it that it not only works, but is also safe for use. Esp. with machines which are used in hazardous scenarios.

There are various challenges that a Machine shop faces for performing their day to days business activities. Machine manufacturing involves procurement of various types and Raw material, spares and consumables items, processing and tracking them at every stage and finally the allocation and the distribution of the finished product.

It is big challenge for the procurement team to procure right material at right time and at right cost to maintain the costs of the manufacturing. Likewise, all processes in the shop need to be systematic and simultaneous for better product output. There are multiple level of assemblies and sub-assemblies involved in machine manufacturing process. The next critical challenge are planning and production activity of the assemblies and Machine.

To overcome all the challenges facing by machine manufacturing industry the company requires to implement ERP for Machine Shops in their organization. Sage 300 ERP Manufacturing suite provides all the functionality to overcome all the problem facing by machine manufacturing companies.

Purchase Order module in Sage 300 ERP for Machine Shops provide the purchaser, the rights to procure right material at right cost for various departments. Purchase action report, Vendor costing analysis, Purchase history, Expected material arrival report and other functions helps your purchaser to increase purchasing efficacy.

Inventory Control Module in Sage 300 ERP for Machine Shops helps the warehouse manager to maintain their minimum level inventory and not overstock the current assets. At any point of time, one can do valuation of their stock on real time data and reconcile with the bank with accurate figures.

You can analysis your production cost at any point of time. Accounts payable and Accounts receivables module helps you and your finance team to maintain their book of accounts in a more effective manner. Sage 300 ERP is the solution which helps machine manufacturing industry to view their business in 360 direction.

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