Sage Software Extended Reports Pack

Sage Software Extended Reports Pack

Sage ERP X3 is an ERP system for mid-market businesses aimed at meeting the most elaborate business processes, while remaining cost-effective, quick to implement and simple to use. With a choice of languages, currencies, enterprises, locations and legislations, Sage ERP X3 offers an efficient, multi-company solution. Addition to that we have come up with a new Add-On “Extended Reports pack” for Sage ERP X3, especially for Indian clients because the reports of “Extended Reports pack” add-on contains the reports that provides reports in the Indian business format. In India, organizations basically focus on tax related data, like how much tax they are paying, etc., so to meet these requirements, we at Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd have created an add-on : “Sage India Extended Reports pack”.

The Sage India Extended Reports pack  contains following reports.

  • Purchase Register
  • Summary Wise
  • Detail Wise
  • Sales Register
  • Summary Wise
  • Detail Wise
  • AP Vendor Transaction
  • AP Invoice Voucher
  • AR Customer Transaction

These reports are best suitable for Indian market. We at Sage Software Solutions have created the reports as per the requirements of Indian client, Indian taxation, and Indian format. So the respective organizations can use these reports for analysis purpose or to decide future strategies.

As stated above, we have number of reports in “Extended Reports pack” add-on. Purchase register report will give data of purchases made by the organization, date of purchase, tax on purchase, total amount of purchase, etc.

Sales register report will give data of sales made by the organization, date of sale, tax on sales, total amount of sales, etc.

As the name suggests, “AP Vendor Transaction” and “AR Customer Transaction” report will give the brief information about the Vendor and Customer information respectively, transaction they made, date when they made transaction, debit, credit and total amount.

“AP Invoice Voucher” report displays AP invoices with their document numbers, tax total, document total, etc.

All the above reports will give detail tax related data, which is very important to the Indian business.

In our future blogs, we will provide a detailed description of each reports.

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