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Social CRM – How it Helps Drive Customer Engagement?

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Social CRM
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You must have already heard about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and its benefits a million times. Businesses use CRM software to gain an advantage for marketing, sales and customer support. Adding to the existing perks of CRM, Social CRM has been designed to help companies connect with their target audience through social media.

What is Social CRM? In an untutored way, Social CRM is just an integration of traditional CRM with Social media platforms. Along with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. CRM allows you to communicate with your potential customers as well as current clients easily.

A traditional CRM software helps in better customer data management, improves sales performance, keeps a track of communications and analyzes customer cycle. Whereas, a social CRM has got some distinct qualities in nurturing customers.

Given below are some best ways a Social CRM helps drive customer engagement:

Meet relevant customers

The question is how to reach a more relevant audience? This must be your sales’ and marketing team’s problem for all the time. But, you must be knowing there’s something called ‘hashtags’ on social media platform. How can they help? Putting related hashtags on your social media posts helps you reach a lot of relevant/ related audience (or maybe potential customers). And therefore, you get a healthy customer engagement to your brand through social media.

No more passive audience

Social CRM does not only benefits your sales department, but marketing team as well. Without social media integration, your clients may seem like passive audience. Your marketing team must be creating some outstanding content and creativeness, but remains hidden. Bring them on social platforms and give a chance to your audience actively participate in your Instagram stories and posts.

Social data analytics

This is where the integration (CRM and Social Media) reveals its real power. Social media data like engagements, impressions, follows, website clicks, etc. when analyzed using a CRM software, brings the much needed insights into customer data and behavior. With its customer-centric behavior, Social CRM gives an upper edge to the customer experience leveraging social media capabilities, segmentation of CRM, and much more.

Maintain a responsible demeanor

“Never delete complaining comments on your social media pages!”. It may look like degrading your comments’ column but, if noticed, may drown your brand image. Instead of deleting such comments, try to solve them out, and create a responsible image of your brand and team behind. And this is what you need to convey to your audience and potential customers!


Be it data management or branding, there are a gamut of businesses who find Social CRM an exact need for them. Also, making a social media presence is always a win-win situation for any business. If it is a startup or something, then you must create social accounts and enjoy the real advantage of Social CRM.

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