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Technology Trends for CRM Software

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Technology Trends
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With businesses gaining high exposure and returns post CRM implementation, the CRM market is also poised to cater to the increasing requirements of the users.

Mentioned are some of the business technology trends that are growing popularity and will be most likely observed trends for CRM software.

Social Media Integrated

What was once the traditional CRM is now the innovative social CRM software solution with it offering integration with third-party social media apps. This will help a company to map customer discussions on the social networking sites into the CRM process of the company. Also, direct access to social media functionality is facilitated by CRM vendors.

It also refers to using web-based services that stress on online collation among users. Social media is a cost-effective option for customer interaction, feedback and service. Today, if you see, the number of calls to helpline or customer care has seen a sharp decline with people taking on their problem instantly on the company’s social media page. Additionally, blogs, forums, sharing groups etc. are famously followed to get any solution that the customer wants or any trend that interests the customer.

Use of data analytical tools on a rise

The data analytical tools come in the purview of predictive analysis where one can estimate the value and profitability of a particular customer by monitoring the customer behavior pattern like past purchase, area of purchase. Also, with the use of computers, smart phones, social media and cloud apps, a lot of unstructured data will be generated which then need to be sorted using business analytics software so that the show trends that will aid in business growth.

CRM Apps

Most vendors build CRM applications that will work on smart phones and handheld devices. The advantage of using CRM software as an application on mobile is that the user interface is very simple and easy to use. With this business decisions can be made in real time even when the user is on the move.

SaaS Model sought after CRM   

Software as a service is a growing cloud computing service and more and more vendors are offering CRM solutions as part of the SaaS model. It’s an advantage for many companies as it dismisses the issues like cost and time taking implementation and ensuring software upgrades from time to time that are related to the customary client-server model.  Industry experts are of the opinion that it makes sense for most small businesses to opt for the SaaS model than going for an on premise implementation or at least they can partially transfer some modules to cloud. CRM through SaaS is attractive because of the cost and the security factor.

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