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Top 5 ERP Software Trends

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ERP software had remained a biggest investment for companies. Since 70% of companies are actively shifting towards digital transformation, it goes without saying that ERP software will continue to be the most sough technology of the upcoming year.

ERP empowers leverages businesses to organize, analyze and utilize the most crucial and complex data in a simplified way through a single collaborative platform. If you are not using an ERP software, you might be in fix soon. And if you already are, then it is important for you to stay aware of the upgrades and software scalability. Regardless, of what category you fall in, it is important to know the hottest ERP trends.

We have curated this blog to help you stay informed about industry’s perspective on top 5 ERP software trends this year.

  1. Analytics: In comparison with older ERP systems, their modern counterpart are more data-driven. ERP solutions are constantly enhancing their analytics capabilities to meet the needs of manufacturers and other industry related companies. Modern ERP software solution allows its users to integrate analytics tool into their existing application, run ad-hoc reports and easily access data visualizations.  This proves to be extremely beneficial to upper management in making key-decisions.
  2. Cloud: Cloud ERP software market stands at a projected growth of $29.8 billion in 2024 as more and more companies opt for on-premise ERP software solutions. Benefits of cloud like lower infrastructure cost, broader access, and better management and security has offered a lot of companies the leverage to operate globally. Considering the growth in cloud ERP software demand, we can surely expect a few attractive customization and features in coming years.
  3. Personalization: Unlike traditional ERPs, modern ERP software solutions are flexible enough to be integrated with third-party applications to provide intuitive user interface. Personalized UI in ERP applications offer more conversational user experiences. This is the key ERP software trend. Businesses need not treat ERP software as just a record-keeper, but utilize its potential as a powerful business tool to execute services and enhance operations.
  4. Real-Time Insights: The top ERP software will offer companies with functionalities that create seamless user experience through interactive dashboard and in-built reporting. However, these functionalities would not be utilized to its maximum potential when restricted to a stationary place. Therefore, modern day ERP vendors offer software solutions that offers its users the flexibility to access the data from anywhere through cloud. This results in prompt responses and faster turn-around time.
  5. Predictive Intelligence: Business Intelligence (BI) sitting at the heart of ERP software, these systems manifest greater success to any organization in terms of increasing operational efficiency, improving productivity and driving more sales. Advanced ERP software comes with predictive intelligent capabilities to enhance business core in terms of data and market trends that augments human capabilities.

Even though the top ERP software trends we discussed so far have stood strong to impress or convince you enough on why should you adopt or upgrade to a cloud ERP solution, the most basic trend remains the sane throughout – hiring the right vendor!

Without a right vendor, your ERP software execution will fall through cracks. Execution of an ERP software demands technical expertise and round-the-clock support. New market leaders might not be able to provide you such services due to lack of experience and shortage of highly skilled resources. Sage ERP has proved successful in satisfying its customers for over a decade now with product clientele spanning across all industries from healthcare to automotive.

To know how Sage ERP software can help you achieve higher profitability through collaboration and seamless user experience, contact us here. You can write to us at for a FREE demo or ERP consultation.

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