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Top Advantages of CRM for your Sales and Marketing Teams

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Top Advantages of CRM for your Sales and Marketing Teams
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Customer service, marketing and sales departments are the busiest places in an organisation generating huge volumes of data on a regular basis. Thus, it becomes a bit time-consuming and tedious to track and measure activities of each department efficiently.

So what could be the perfect solution here? An integrated CRM or customer relationship management system is your passkey here.

Skilled sales and marketing folks are bang on target when it comes to communicating with customers, prospects and leads. In fact, they can look it make a piece of cake when it comes to devise smart marketing campaigns, closing deals and resolving customer queries/issues in no time. Nevertheless, relying on gut feelings to yield the desired results may not work in your favor all the time and thus, it becomes imperative to provide the right kind of technology to your sales and marketing chaps.

We do understand the fact that selecting a CRM software is a vital decision for any business, as you might be having many questions before you take that plunge. But rest assured, as a finely integrated and combined marketing-sales CRM system helps automate marketing campaigns and share data seamlessly across diverse departments in your organisation, all in real time.

Here, we will be discussing a few more key benefits of having an integrated CRM solution for your marketing and sales teams to help them drive in improved growth and revenue.

Benefits of CRM Software for your growing business

  • Marketing Automation to boost customer engagement

No more fretting to missing out on an opportunity. Build stronger relationships and interact with your audience with highly personalized and automated follow-up recipes that would eventually help your marketing and sales team to market and sell smarter.

Sage CRM is one such solution that streamlines your marketing campaigns and endeavors by automating lead follow-ups and capture activities. Triggering personalized communications on the basis of emails sent, clicks, emails opened, payment history, buying behaviors, form submissions etc. ensuring that you are being relevant in your approach towards customers and prospects.

  • Sales Automation for faster sale

With amazing sales automation capabilities. Your sales team would spend less time working on deals and more time in closing them. This is because your sales reps and managers get access to all the crucial sales data such as sales activities, appointments, follow-ups, tasks, and lot more on a single and unified platform.

Sage CRM automatically triggers follow-up and appointment reminders, notifications and emails keeping your sales reps on the edge always! Be it a bunch of small sales for an SME or a huge team for a multinational firm, CRM sales workflow automation is undoubtedly the fastest means to sell more in less time.

  • Check reports on the go!

Do you want to check your marketing and sales reports on the go? You can. CRM solutions today are a great mix of mobile CRM, social CRM and most importantly, intelligent reporting tools. Thus, delivering powerful reports and analytics at your fingertips from anywhere, any time and any device.

Gone are the days of relying on gut feelings and guesswork, as we have stepped into the data-driven age, where decisions are made on the fly and CRM software helps you do that seamlessly! Brace yourselves, as hard-core data-driven business decisions are here to spruce up your marketing and sales endeavors.

Other prominent benefits of CRM for sales and marketing are as follows:

  • Improved productivity and ROI on both sales and marketing fronts
  • Actionable insights into sales pipeline and marketing campaigns
  • 360-degree customer view and real-time customer data
  • Seamless integration with other enterprise management solutions

Closing the Curtains:

Integration of CRM software with marketing automation improves efficiency all across your organisation through excellent synchronization of both sales and marketing departments. Mainly, it roots out data redundancies and multiple entries / duplication. Since it saves a great deal of time and resources for your sales and marketing teams, they can devote more time in what matters the most i.e., sales and not in maintaining data.

To learn how CRM for sales and marketing can help your business turn into a sales powerhouse, write to or click here.

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