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ERP Software for Distillery Business

Manage your Distillery business with holistic ERP Software.

ERP software for Distillery

Sage X3 ERP Software for Distillery management is designed to optimize and monitor your entire value chain with scalable and modular functionalities. It seamlessly integrates each business area and helps reduce raw material tracking costs, ensures the best quality control, boosts financial management, maintains the right amount of inventory, monitors contractual loans to ensure they are repaid on time, and turns real-time data into business intelligence.

A Quick Round-up of Distillery Industry Challenges

Increased demand for drinks- ERP software for Distillery

Increased Demand for Healthy Drinks

There was a time when packaged drinks sold in millions. But the trend is slowly changing. Today, consumers are looking for drinks that don’t contain synthetic ingredients. This change is causing massive disruption in the beverage market. New competitors exploit these gaps and establish a formidable position in the market. Moreover, growing awareness for naturally crafted healthy drinks is rising significantly and traditional distilleries will have to brainstorm multiple strategies to counter the onslaught of healthy beverages in the future.

Stringent Government Regulations

The beverage industry is under substantial threat due to ever-changing government norms. This industry already faces massive taxation and the new GST tax regime is putting an extra burden on aerated beverage and drink consumption in the country. However, the biggest drawback of this industry is that each state has a different set of rules and regulations, which makes it even more challenging for companies to operate. 

Rising Challenge

Rising Challenge from e-Commerce Portals

The e-Commerce portals have transformed the textiles, electronics, and domestic product market. And now it’s all set to revolutionize the beverage market too. The major challenge for this industry in the coming times will be tech-savvy customers. Today, people purchase more products through online portals instead of physical stores. And as beverages begin to sell more through online and social media apps, physical stores will face a tough challenge. 


The logistics sector in India is highly disorganized and requires a significant infrastructure overhaul. Inadequate network of roads, insufficient distribution channels, low quality of services, and undeveloped ports are a few bottlenecks that restrict beverage players from reaching every nook and corner in the country. Moreover, an underdeveloped distribution network leads to a higher pre-production cost than other countries. 

Growing Environmental Concern

Growing Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns like global warming and natural calamities are rising rapidly worldwide. As a result, international institutions and governments are framing eco-friendly laws that encourage the buying and selling of fruits/healthy drinks more than non-alcoholic products. As a result, beverage manufacturers strive hard to make their products more eco-friendly by implementing reprocessing practices and using renewable energy sources.

Skip generic solutions, go industry-centric to forge more profits

How will Sage X3 Distillery Software help solve the challenges of your business?

Software solutions will help you automate and manage various aspects of your business. Here are the key features of ERP for Distillery Industry:


Sage X3 distillery ERP is built on robust financial practices. You get VAT, purchase and sales ledger, chart of accounts, fixed assets, dimensional analysis, multi-currency and multi-company in a single integrated platform.



Sage X3 software solution will allow your business to create and maintain different budgets such as sales, finance, inventory, or purchase. In addition, you can analyze budgeted vs. actuals and compare past results.

user access

User Access

Users can find crucial business information instantly using inbuilt reports and saved filtered lists. They can also share it with other stakeholders instantly.



Dimensions help create charts of accounts for financial reporting & analysis. These charts rationalize nominal account structure. For example, you can view financial data by cost center, types of product (raw materials, finished products, point of sale), types of customer (off-trade/on-trade/independent/multiple).

Realtime updates

Realtime Updates

Sage X3 is highly customizable software that adapts to the needs of your distillery business. The best part is that you get up-to-date security patches instantly.

Transaction tracking

Transaction Tracking

Using the financial reporting feature, you can track all transactions — inventory, financial, sale, purchase.

Duty Management

Sage X3 controls all excise duties and all VAT liabilities efficiently. Moreover, it automatically calculates transactions, items, & stocks and manages the accrual of duty values.

Convenient management

Convenient Management

When an item is created, it has the information required to produce, transfer, purchase, and sell both Duty Paid and Duty-Free. This software contains many duty enhancements that help manage duty changes, purchase pricing, and sales.

Moreover, Duty tables hold the necessary inventory logic and reference information required to identify when clearances for Duty Paid are processed.

Intelligent scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Do excise duty changes cause you trouble? Do you have to stay in the office for extended hours only to change sales prices? Do you have to update the item costs in the Excel sheet? With Sage X3, you only need to enter the new start date and the duty rate, and the software takes care that new duty rates are applied at the right time.

Sales pricing

Sales Pricing

The Sage X3 ERP system allows you to set the prices you want to charge transparently and conveniently. You can create and manage prices, either Duty-Free or Duty Paid, and Sage X3 will calculate the right price at the time of sale.

Real-world stock management

Real-World Stock Management

Sage X3 ERP solution can receipt duty-free stock, which can later be transferred to another warehouse (or exported) without any duty implication. This status can be changed to “Duty Paid” at a later stage.

Supply Chain

Sage X3 has diverse supply chain modules that allow you to control different types of sales and procurements, including point of sale material, procuring raw materials, and even arranging tickets, food, and beverages.

Allocating Stocks

Allocating Stocks

Manage stock allocation promised by suppliers by creating blanket purchase orders. Track the quantity of materials promised with their respective prices. Record leaving balances shipped, yet to be ordered, or delivered. Sage X3’s customer dashboard provides payment history, notes, invoices, and tasks on a single platform.

Complete control of stock

Complete Control of Stock

All-round discounting & pricing feature enables you to manage Duty Paid & Duty-Free prices at customer, retail/price list, campaign, or price band level. In addition, you can conveniently manage bulk orders, for example, Diwali deliveries for corporate clients that are invoiced in bulk or for individuals.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Allow your sales reps to share crucial information with the end-consumer in the supply chain using Sage X3’s mobile capabilities. You can display and print a particular customer’s sales summary, discuss stock availability, and negotiate price changes. Conveniently produce and approve Sales Orders & Quotes before delivery.

Monitor purchasing activities

Monitor Purchasing Activities

Sage X3 ERP solution can receipt duty-free stock, which can later be transferred to another warehouse (or exported) without any duty implication. This status can be changed to “Duty Paid” at a later stage.

Maintain correct records

Maintain the Correct Records

Record several sales transactions using Sage X3. Return orders and sales credits ensure that you have the appropriate financial controls and QC. Sage X3 ERP solution for distilleries applies these transactions to invoices ensuring margins are accurate.

The best part is that you get a warning notification when a customer tries to return more products than they had initially purchased. In addition, orders, sales quotes, and blanket orders ensure that the stock is always delivered to the right customer.

Benefits of all-in-one Sage X3 for the Distillery Industry

Our Sage X3 Software for the Distillery Industry helps you conveniently blend, distill, and mix liquors. You can get everything in a single unified platform with best-practice processes combined with deep insights and reporting features. Having the right solution to support your distillery business has become essential. And Sage X3 offers everything you need in a single package.

Improve Sales & Marketing​

Improve Sales

Implement the best sales and marketing solution to engage customers in the buying cycle at each touchpoint. With Sage X3, your business will get the power of real-time marketing to improve your content, email, and digital marketing capabilities. In addition, the customer engagement feature of this software will help you to increase marketing and sales productivity and boost telesales and mobile sales.

Enhance Financial Management​

Enhance Financial Management

You get a comprehensive financial outlook of your business with the financial management module of Sage X3. In addition, you can automate invoices, deposits, bookkeeping, promotions, discounts, and handle taxes efficiently. In addition, you can recalculate commercial agreements with vendors, suppliers, and distributors.

Create an Unbeatable Inventory and Warehouse Management Infrastructure​

Create a Unbeatable Structure

Sage X3 ensures the immense growth of your business by streamlining distribution and warehouse processes into a single hub. It helps cut costs, deliver real-time and accurate information, and minimizes your administration tasks. Additionally, you can smartly manage your transport vehicles, track finished goods in the market, and remain compliant with distillery regulations.

Strengthen the quality management processes

Strengthen Quality Management

Sage X3 optimizes your quality control mechanism and improves your manufacturing ability to help you excel in the distillery industry. You can view the full summary of your production processes on a unified platform. The summary consists of the entire material flow from procuring raw materials to manufacturing finished products to shipping stocks to the inventory. Sage X3 is a transparent software for distilleries that enhances the quality of your products, reduces inventory, and eliminates operational costs for your business.

Manage Contract Management to realize your Full Potential

Manage Contract Management

Do you have contracts with pubs or outlets? If yes, then Sage X3 for distilleries will help you monitor contractual loans ensuring they are repaid within the pre-decided time frame. You can conveniently access contracts with multiple pubs on a single platform. Additionally, you can check sales volumes and loaned materials like refrigerators and draft installations.

Transform Raw Data into Intelligent Insights

Transform Raw Data

Sage X3 for distilleries provides better and speedy insights about what drives your customers and sales. You can significantly improve your bottom line by understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and aspirations based on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral parameters. In addition, a built-in intelligent dashboard will allow you to make better and faster strategic and operational decisions and enable stakeholders to access data from multiple databases.

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