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Metal Fabrication ERP

Control job work, handle activity-based costs, and estimate sales orders

Metal Fabrication erp

Precise specifications and tight margins are two of the most significant factors to remember for your metal fabrication business. Other challenges include switching between different units of measure, eliminating waste, and meeting customer demands accurately. Sage X3 excels in meeting customer demands, creating an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM), streamlining shop-floor operations, strengthening the supply chain, and has excellent quoting and forecasting abilities.

A Quick Round-up Of Metal Fabrication Industry Challenges

metal fabrication erp-Numerous levels of the forging process and the associated costs

Numerous levels of the forging process and the associated costs.

Tracking and tracing the exact location and cost of raw materials and finished goods.

Tracking and tracing the exact location and cost of raw materials and finished goods.

Managing multiple subcontracting functions.

Managing multiple subcontracting functions.

Cutting down the manufacturing cost.

Cutting down the manufacturing cost.

Controlling jobwork and its associated costs.

Controlling jobwork and its associated costs.

Handling activity-based costs.

Handling activity-based costs.

Controlling the raw material price

Controlling the raw material price as it depends on exchange rates and foreign currency.

Estimating sales orders for a particular period.

Estimating sales orders for a particular period.

Controlling the supply and demand of materials.

Controlling the supply and demand of materials.

controlling scraps and wastage.

The cost of finished goods can be reduced by

up to 30% by controlling scraps and wastage. But most companies don’t know this or fail to estimate the actual project cost. As a result, they exceed the project cost and make significant losses.

How Will Sage X3 Help You Solve The Challenges Mentioned Above?

Manage multiple levels of Bill of Materials (BOM)

Manage Multiple levels of Bill Of Materials (BOM)

The Bills of Materials (BOM) section is edited/modified during transactions and ensures that no third party can change it later. You can define multiple BOMs for a single item. Therefore, you can specify:
  • Costs related to by-products.
  • Burden, labor, and associated costs.
  • Estimated costs of each product.
  • Checks which material goes into finished goods.

Work Order Dashboard

The production manager has to answer the following three questions frequently:

  • What is the Production delivery status?
  • What is the work order status and the ways to accelerate the delivery?
  • What is the time taken by the work order to finish the work?


Sage X3 metal fabrication erp ERP software will help you to:

  • Report semi and finished goods.
  • Create a material request form that allows requesting for transfer of raw materials to the production unit.
  • Get manufactured components from subcontractors. 

Sage X3 ERP allows you to manage work order operations from a single dashboard. This way you can see all the details in the same place.

Work order dashboard
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Check available stocks.
  • Forecast the demand, sales, and requirements of raw materials.
  • Generate planned orders for purchase and production indents.

Calculate Hours on the Job

The most significant factor that distinguishes a profitable from a non-profitable job is the time spent finishing that job. Metal fabrication  ERP software for calculates the time taken by your employees to complete a job. Sage X3 ERP’s shop floor data collection system calculates the time spent and the entire cost of the project. Moreover, it also calculates specific hourly rates for each employee.

Calculate hours on the job
Inventory control and management

Inventory Control and Management

Sage X3 metal fabrication ERP software provides a real-time picture of the inventory in your business. You will be able to see what materials are available in the stock, the right location in the warehouse, and what materials have already been used. Thousands of metal fabrication companies depend on the resource planning feature of this ERP system to help them account for scrap and offcuts. It also helps save money on inventory by reducing waste and maximizing the use of materials already available in the inventory.

Batch Traceability

One of the key features of the Sage X3 Manufacturing ERP system is batch traceability. It plays a significant role for metal fabricators working in regulated industries, including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Defense. You can track materials from the supplier till they reach the final customer with the help of this software. 

Batch traceability

Skip generic solutions, go industry-centric to forge more profits

Benefits Of Sage X3 Metal Fabrication ERP Software For The Metal Fabrication Industry

With the ascending challenges in the sector and growing demands, the only option we have is to convert these challenges into opportunities and see optimum outputs in the chemical business.

Eliminates redundant processes

Eliminates redundant processes that enhance your speed to market.

Meet customer demands by managing the manufacturing

Meet customer demands by managing the manufacturing and distribution process, such as noting down design-to-order requests that may evolve during the production process.

Share accurate quotes with your customers.

Share accurate quotes with your customers.

Enhance equipment efficiency

Enhance equipment efficiency by grouping jobs based on nesting or tooling requirements instead of the order in which they were received.

Optimize inventory in real-time to make sure you don't have excess stock.

Optimize inventory in real-time to make sure you don’t have excess stock.

ERP for metal fabricators

ERP for metal fabricators provides the business agility you need by providing visibility of operational data to each business department.

Reduce supply chain disruption

Reduce supply chain disruption in your business by understanding how lead times and material availability impact your production schedule.

Ensure complete traceability

Ensure complete traceability across production, supply chain, and distribution and provide advanced regulatory compliance and quality control to customers.

Automate resource planning

Automate resource planning and shop floor activities in your business, allowing employees to focus on meaningful tasks and take up high-risk responsibilities.

Features Of Metal Fabrication Manufacturing ERP Software

Flexible Quoting

Flexible quoting

Calculate project cost based on labor requirements, material needs, and other overheads using ERP. If you need to update those costs from job-to-job, you may do that according to evolving workforce demands and material costs.

Workload Scheduling

Workload scheduling

Sage X3 metal fabrication ERP can help you to plan production based on equipment capacity and raw material availability. Thus it can adapt according to your schedule if any parameter changes.

Material Resource Planning

Material Resource Planning

Reduce costs and minimize waste by calculating exact material requirements and end-consumer applications using ERP. You can integrate this information with machine workload capacity planning and workforce availability to run manufacturing operations seamlessly.

CAD Integration

CAD integration

You can produce BOMs, accurate quotes, and more based on CAD drawings created by your customer or you with your Sage X3 ERP solution. CAD integration is an essential part of Sage X3 ERP as it reflects any changes made during production in your material requirements and instructions.

Bill Of Material

Bill of material

Sage X3 ERP’s built-in BOM software enables you to specify assemblies, subassemblies, and materials for metal products to external and internal stakeholders. 

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