ERP for Medical Device Industry

India is the 4th largest Medical Device producer in Asia, aim for the top with Sage ERP

Sage ERP for Medical Devices

Medical devices and lab equipment play an important role in medical field, a quintessential industry in the world second most populated country around the world. Moreover, unlike any other devices, many lives depend upon the precision of these Medical devices, thereby burdening the employees and researchers to design and give out a top notch and accurate to the point devices every time.


Now, Sage ERP for Medical Device and Lab equipment is a proficient tool that comes up with detailed analytics to ensure that the device is generated fool proofed to any error. It can help you get a leading edge in the cutthroat competition in the market. Let us show you how Sage Medical Device ERP software solution can make a difference for you.


• Streamline Processes: the base feature of any Sage ERP software is to streamline the whole work process for a smoother flow and enhanced productivity.

• Manage Compliance: The Medical device manufactured are supposed to follow certain compliances as set by ISO 9001 and 13485, Sage ERP allows you to predefine the regulations and keep a track on any updates

• Cut off your expenditure: Sage ERP solutions are designed to keep your expenditure to the least. It can reduce wastage and manufacture products on time, thereby saving you both cost and time.

• Transparent yet secure: Sage ERP services maintains a transparency to all the authorised end-users only, which enables them to keep a track of all the processes and plan further course of action. Making it safe and reliable platform.

• Distribution and Inventory: Manage your Inventory, assign batches, trace product delivery, digital signature for acknowledgment are some amazing SCM features of Sage ERP for Medical Devices

• Services and Customer care: Manage warranty, service and repair records, feedback and reviews etc. account for a great customer care, handle it efficiently with Sage ERP


Thus, Medical Devices are a crucial element for medical Industry in India, add a nutritional power of Sage ERP to your business that not only strengthens your roots, but also takes your business empire to the top without any hassle

ERP Software for Medical Devices

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