Stay ahead of the game with our meticulously designed ERP and CRM solutions for the service industry.

Best-in-class ERP and CRM solutions for Service Industry

Redefine all your integral business operations with the best-in-class ERP and CRM solutions from Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. designed keeping in mind the cutthroat and aggressive service industry environment.

Streamlined business processes along with efficient customer engagement is just around the corner!


Benefits of Sage ERP for Service Industry:


• Helps meet ever-increasing customer expectations

• Assists with on-time delivery

• Service sector specific functionalities to boost productivity and efficiency

• Supports seamless integration with CRM

• Provides real-time data of critical business operations

• Business intelligence and advanced reporting

• Reduces total cost of ownership

• Unified platform to access all business data

• Simplifies invoicing, billing and order process, inventory tracking, supply chain   management, warehousing and much more

• Integration with financial reporting, ledger and accounts receivable


Benefit of CRM for Service Sector:


Sage CRM is designed to meet the diverse needs such as project management, customer engagement, sales management, etc. of service industry. Tailored to specific industry needs to help reduce costs and boost customer engagement. Fully cloud-based, Sage CRM provides the following rewards:


• Strengthen customer relationship through effective engagement

• Boost employee productivity

• Helps offer customer-centric services

• Comprehensive view of customer data

• Targeted campaigns

• Seamless cross-department communication

• Contact, leads and opportunity management

• Helps maintain a healthy sales pipeline and delivery cycle

• Increases sales and customer service efficiencies


Boost revenue and drive operational excellence with our tested and automated ERP and CRM solutions. Further, the solutions cover a galore of services-centric businesses operating in government, healthcare, banking, education, hospitality, insurance, financial, consulting, legal, media, advertising and retail industries to name a few.

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