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5 Benefits of using Cloud Based ERP Solutions

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While the world is moving to cloud based ERP for seamless accessibility and process management, it still appears to be a nightmare to some of the organizations with a fear of hackers or data loss of valuable company information, clientele, process flow, etc. On the other hand, many of the ERP systems are offline desktop based which doesn’t copes up with today’s business requirements which majorly starts with an global access to the organization personnel’s, staff and other employees who can have access to the data globally to make operations successful.

However, in last few years many organizations have taken their best foot forward to migrate from their desktop-based ERP systems to a Cloud based ERP environments. With features like, ease of access, powerful functionality, 24×7 data availability, ERP software providers have seen an upward trending graph.

As per statistics done recently, more than 43% of the organizations wished that if they had moved to cloud a much sooner it had been more beneficial than the later migration. Thus, needless to say, many businesses today prefer cloud based ERP software to tradition ERP software.

Let us see, 5 Benefits that makes Cloud based Software:

1. Low resource requirement and scalability: Cloud based ERP software are also referred as SAAS i.e. software as a service. These software systems do not need extra equipment, servers, space etc. thereby saving you cost and space, as they can be remotely accessed from anywhere contrary to on premise ERP software. Moreover, they grow as you grow, and can easily be scaled up and down as per your requirements.


2. Better security : Cloud based ERP system are safe for any kind of security breach as well save your documents, which would have been lost, in case of any theft or mishap occurring on your premise. Moreover, the modern ERP software store you important documents in encrypted form, at various places, to keep them secure from hackers or cyber theft.

 3. Support: Cloud based ERP system are capable of assisting its user to strategize and schedule their processes for timely and unerring workflow. With the ability to smooth data mining and warehousing, they can store data collected through previous process records, rival tracking and other data recorded. Furthermore, it can also provide precise report on the data collected, as and when on demand.

4. Mobility: The cloud servers can be accessed from anywhere and on device, further more software service providers have been keen on providing a smooth mobile experience through mobile ERP. These feature of an ERP does not only frees the user from a single workstation, but also provides the ability to access the data, schedule, send mails, assign task, for, anywhere at any time of the day.

5. Go high tech: Cloud based ERP system are well-versed with the ability to integrate with ever evolving technology. Modern ERP software can make use of wearable of technology, IoT, etc. with the help of cloud servers to collect data easily without any mistake. For instance, smart watch integrated with ERP software can provide the sales team exact details about the available inventory, to help them perform better.

Thus, technology is changing the world endlessly; the way people work & perform, and is sure to just get better. Thus, add your business the swiftness of cloud based ERP software like Sage X3, and experience the world of new possibilities. To know about Sage X3 and its cool features, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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