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Sage X3 in Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry is a highly technical manufacturing industry that produces Aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicle, aircraft engines and related parts, indulged mostly in government and research related activities. This industry requires quality and traceability at every level with high level of monitoring and there can be no compromises on this part considering the volume of capital involved in this industry. Even a small nut / screw used in the manufacturing a part of the aircraft is very crucial and has to pass through various tests for it to be fit to go ahead and be a part of the aircraft.

Hence, it is very essential to have a solution that helps in reducing cost while maintaining the highest quality control while keeping a tab on every manufacturing process along with mapping the person with the responsibility and the process that he is assigned to.

Sage X3 is a robust and scalable solution that provides pricing and accounting along with manufacturing details and control at a level of accuracy and transparency which may difficult to achieve with any other software. Sage X3 for Aerospace Industry will help in planning and managing the crucial supply chain globally. With this you would be able to plan, schedule and dispatch materials more accurately on the exact delivery dates with high quality.


With Sage X3 for Aerospace Industry, one would be able to:


  1. Resource planning and forecasting which in turn helps in better performance with respect to quality delivery.
  2. Helps in providing accurate, detailed bids and estimates to the new and existing customers for any new or existing projects
  3. Achieve very detailed and accurate quality analysis at the time of inward also capturing the traceability of test certificates from the source to the time of dispatch of the manufactured item from the factory.
  4. Distribution and Partner details.
  5. Mapping of employees with the process that they are responsible for.
  6. Inventory detail and traceability.


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