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ERP for Media & Advertising Industry

ERP for Media & Advertising Industry
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ERP for Media

In this respect, Media industry is not very different from other industries when it comes to managing the organization and its activities. Likewise, it also needs all the software like CRM, ERP and Payroll which other companies use for managing their company.

Media Industry is a dynamic entity capable of retaining and reprising the position of other companies in the business world. Definitely, it too needs a good robust and sophisticated solution to take care of their activities like Advertising, Printing and Publishing, telecasting news, etc.

While organizations look after their company and its publicity in the business world, the media industry makes sure that it brings to limelight your competitors and their position in the market, thus, behaving as a medium of familiarizing and popularising other companies.

The Media industry doesn’t stop here, it actually performs multitude of functionalities like marketing your company, advertising your company, becoming your partner, revealing your status in the market and where do your competitors stand.

So it’s a huge industry and obviously needs, like other companies, to use a system to help them manage their important data and process of orders for printing ads or publishing some news and article on a dynamic basis.


Many Media organizations that still maintain rigid, inflexible, outdated and outdated business management systems will find it hard to survive in the era of modern business practices.

The same way how fast and efficiently the Media industry turns dynamic and reports dynamic news, it must adjust to the changing dynamics of modern business technology practices to stay competitive and reach at the top, seeking for ways to achieve higher economies of scale and good revenues but at the same time should be able to distinguish themselves from their range of innovative products and services.


So how does a BPMS, Business Process Management System or an ERP for Media Industry, come into picture here and consequently help you manage and handle your activities in the media industry?

This is where one needs to be clear that BPMS are useful for Business companies but serve the purpose for any industry that wants to grow its business through the right management and analysis of the data, etc.

BPMS and ERP for Media Industry are specifically built and designed to serve the purposes of the Media Industry for their many dynamic work like content creation, editing of the content, delivery and management of digital content which are imperative to successfully manage aspects like daily project Management, project Assignments, fulfilling the demands and expectations of the clients and gain their loyalty and thus become visible. ERP is one such software that helps you achieve the above mentioned.

Coming to the point, an ERP can help with its following features and functions:


Project and Service Management:

It ensures optimal performance of your services, maintenance and project management processes at virtually any touch point.

Helps you make smarter, faster service and support decisions that exceed your customer expectations.


Marketing Management and Planning System:

Specific tools of ERP provide analytical tools to help the management of the company to understand the advantages of operating important strategic issues and decisions.

This will help in meeting the needs of the clients and the target audience better.


Business Intelligence and Reporting:

BI, Intelligent reporting are come features that allow your company to selectively access critical data to identify issues early make an accurate analysis and take timely action to improve performance. Just having an Electronic Database and storing data is definitely of not much use until it is smartly converted to analytical data through graphs, dashboards, etc.


Accounting and Finance:

Yes do not get surprised. All media industries surely have an HR department and in many cases an accounts department that look after calculation of the employee’s salary, leave, time and attendance, etc. There is absolutely no need to spend unlimited time and effort on this. Feature like this aids in calculating the reimbursement, leaves and allowances, perks, etc of employees with many other benefits such as powerful bank reconciliation, EFT and tax reporting features with flexible transaction processing options, intuitive and informative dashboards for analytical reporting and much more.


Integration with other system:

This kind of integration allows effective communication between various departments in a fast quick, easy and accurate way for better understanding about the new updates which have been released. This does not isolate any department and concerned user from accessing the new statuses and updates regarding the company.

ERP for Media Industry helps you integrate the external as well as internal processes within the company to effectively and productively carry forward your services.

In short, some key benefits of implementing an ERP in the media- centric companies are:

    • Tracking level of success after aggressive advertising and re-branding


    • Improved performance of the marketing team and sales team to attract and gain more brand loyalty


    • Impeccable and error free database providing an analytical view of data helpful for present and future use.


    • Effective and rewarding Business Development of your company


  • Streamlining payment, payroll, billing processes, etc. with cost- effective and time saving technology


Obviously, it’s not that the Media industry isn’t using the software solution but it’s important for them to realize the power of certain software that can consequently help their companies take to an unimaginable level, something never expected of.


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