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ERP for Pipe Industry

ERP For Pipe Industry
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One of the most important household or commercially used item today are pipes. Plastic or steel, they help to carry cables, materials, waste, etc. to and fro. Their presence facilitates in other processes running smoothly and maintain supply chain to the optimum and at the same time, their absence can lead to a lot of inconvenience.

Pipes vary, their uses vary and so does the industry from the other industries. Being one of the most important industry in the manufacturing domain, let us see how can pipe industry work at their optimum with the help of an ERP system.

An ERP for Pipe Industry helps in:

  1. Managing the inventory 10 – 50 varieties of pipes and 100 – 200 kinds of fitting Parts.
  1. Giving estimation for each Parts
  1. Keep Record for transaction also Inventories.
  1. Maintaining Payment Terms / Discounts and Credit logs for Customer


In a B2B domain, maintaining relationship is very important to have continuous flow of orders. For this reason, giving discounts, supply on credit is very common. Discounts are also offered at varying degree for all clients. They can be ordered based, time based or referral based. E.g. The Company may choose to offer a 5% discount if the customer orders more than 10 items of a product and a 10% discount if he/she orders more than 20 items.

To maintain these permutations, the Pipe vendor cannot just rely on excel and spreadsheets. They need to have a common system in place wherein they can get all the data of their client in place right from how much they have always ordered to applying the discount percentage and notifying the client.

ERP for Manufacturing and Pipe Industry is designed specifically keeping in the mind these requirements and more. It is one easy platform to handle the variety of raw-material, proper management of plastic, steel, calculate labor charges, process order, manage all data and give the required report. An ERP for Pipe Industry helps both the parties – the vendor and the customer. ERP for Pipe Industry helps in taking better business decision based on the transparent and regular reports.


How does data from ERP help Pipe industries grow their business:

  • Easy import and Exportation of data
  • Security for data
  • Easy to use
  • Help to save the time
  • Accurate information for particular parts or product


To know more about how can ERP help your Pipe Industry, You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at for a free consultation.

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