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How ERP for Tea Industry Enhances its Efficiency

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ERP for tea industry
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What is ERP for Tea Industry?

ERP software for tea industry is business management software designed specifically to meet the requirements and challenges faced by tea producers, manufacturers and distributors.

The centralized software with AR automation includes various business processes modules like plantation management, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, sales, finance, and human resources.

It enables tea business to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, control costs, save time and improve business decision making.

Tea Industry Overview:

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by boiling the cured leaves of the Camellia Senesis, its biological name in water. It is one of the most consumed beverage in the world.

Tea and coffee have become a staple item in every household. The widespread popularity of tea as a recreational drink began in the earnest in the 1920’s after a successful advertising campaign by the tea board.

The tea and coffee manufacturers are under huge pressure to meet the requirements of the customers, handling the crop plantation amid changing climatic conditions, meeting quality standards and managing supply chain while being cost effective. When we have such a huge market for this industry then it becomes very much essential to have a stable and robust solution which will help in maintaining the transactions in a single solution.

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Challenges Faced by Tea Business:

Let’s have a quick look at the challenges faced by tea businesses:

1. Continuous changing of consumer demand for tea variety and flavors.

2. Unpredictable weather conditions.

3. Complex supply chain among various growers, manufacturers, exporters and retailers.

4. Maintaining quality control and compliance requirements.

5. Cost management among labors, raw material, energy, transportation and packaging amid fluctuating rates.

6. Maintaining sustainability while minimizing waste and reducing water and energy consumption.

7. Lack of visibility and traceability.

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ERP solutions like SAGE X3 & SAGE 300 for tea manufacturing is a integrated database cover all the phases of tea garden activity starting from recording the details of employees plucking the tea leaves from the garden to dispatching the finished goods from the factory.

ERP system provides various features to manage the tea manufacturing and distribution efficiently. Below mentioned are the quick features supported by ERP for tea industry.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lot tracing
  • Month Wise accounting of Tea Plantation
  • Automated labor calculation
  • Unsorted Tea / Tea wastage report.
  • Packed Tea details
  • Daily factory report
  • Nursery planting report.
  • Factory manufactured Greenleaf and tea details.
  • Divisional weather report.


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Benefits of Using ERP for Tea Industry:

ERP software provides synchronized business processes and benefits tea industry in several ways, like:

1. Streamlined Operations:

ERP integrates all the processes on its centralized platform. Through its automation function it streamlines all the operations like inventory management, production management, sales management, managing production line and also manages the team efficiently.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Control:

ERP enable tea companies have real time visibility among all the business process. Companies can track & monitor plantation activities, production processes, inventory levels, sales and make effective business decisions.

3. Improved Inventory Management:

With Warehouse Management System, companies can optimize inventory levels, reduce stockouts and overstocking. Through it tea companies can efficiently plan production and stock movements.

4. Quality and Compliance Requirements:

Through comprehensive tracking of tea batches, manufacturers can ensure quality standards at each production step. Further with advanced features compliance requirements can be met easily, thus enhancing consumer trust.

5. Efficient Sales and Distribution:

The Lead management system stores and manages customer data, further sales management system track deliveries and streamlines billing processes.

With the help of distribution ERP, businesses can efficiently manage process and Supply chain management while cutting down on costs and increasing productivity.

6. Financial Management:

The accounts payable software, helps to manage financial process and transactions cost effectively.

7. Data Analytics:

ERP system generates comprehensive reports with BI tools and data analytics features. Companies can access key performance indicators (KPI), sales trends, and other metrics facilitating strategic planning and data driven decision making.


Hence, by using ERP there is a reduced dependency on manual processes as all the data is available in the system itself, that to with no duplication of data or redundancy.

With business management software, companies achieve efficient management in manufacturing, procurement and distribution.

One such best ERP software in India is SAGE X3 & SAGE 300, which productively manages all the transactions and business processes. SAGE software solution provides customized services according to the company requirements and also comes with various modules which tea companies can select according to their needs.
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