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The Role of Garment Manufacturing ERP in Streamlining Production

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Garment Manufacturing ERP
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ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an powerful business management software that offers centralized business solutions and integrates seamlessly with other systems to deliver exceptional profitability.

In this blog post, we will get a deep overview about garment manufacturing ERP, its features, benefits, and more.

What is Garment Manufacturing ERP Software?

Garment manufacturing ERP software is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically designed for the garment manufacturing industry. It helps garment manufacturers manage their operations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It automates many business processes such as order processing, inventory tracking, production planning, quality control, shipping, accounting, and more.

The garment manufacturing software also provides a unified platform for data sharing, thereby streamlining the entire production process. The business intelligence software ERP software can provide benefits such as improved customer service, increased efficiency, better decision-making, and cost savings. By using this software, garment manufacturers can make sure that their customers receive desired products on time.

Overview of the Garment Industry in India

The garment is among the largest Industries in India. With a very high penetration level, the value of the market is expected to grow 6 times from $27B USD to $410B USD by 2027. The garment industry is such a wide industry that it encompasses a whole lot of manufacturing processes like procurement, distributing / retailing.

What is unique to this industry is that the item produced has to be made in different sizes, styles, and colors. Apart from inventory management modules and supply chain management, garment retailers and manufacturers have to look after the grid inventory system which looks after the style, size, and color of an item.

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Challenges Faced by Garment Manufacturing Companies


It is critical for every business growth to have reduced costs and it is one of the major business challenges in the garment industry.

With Sage X3 apparel manufacturing ERP software, your garment business would need less warehouse space through efficient planning. Also, it can minimize operational costs while delivering enhanced business process management.

Streamlining Data

The garment industry has the toughest product environments among the rest of industries since fashion styles, trends, colors, and sizes are constantly changing. It becomes difficult for garment manufacturers to constantly update software databases with all real-time data each time.

The garment industry ERP will keenly address these major concerns through automation and user-interactive product load modules. Also, it has become fluently managing manufacturing processes as well as styles along with items having varied features, colors, sizes, costs, and much more.

Managing Customers

Maintaining a stronger customer base is quintessential for every business. Satisfied customers remain loyal while keeping your business high. This requires ingenious garment ERP software that can help build simple order management right from the beginning till the end through a single database.

Shortage of Upgraded Technology

The garment industry relies heavily on upgraded technology for its operations and efficient management. With the rapid advancements in technology, garment ERP systems are essential for garment manufacturers to stay competitive. However, the shortage of upgraded technology has become a major challenge for the industry as it has failed to keep up with the changing needs of the industry.

Managing High Waste

The garment industry produces large amounts of waste from fabric scraps, production leftovers, and rejected goods. As the demand for more affordable and faster clothing increases, the challenge of managing this waste becomes even greater. Hence, to deal with this high waste, manufacturing companies need advanced software.

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Benefits of Garment Manufacturing ERP

Precise Data Management

Garment-related businesses usually store product data with just one variant. It also deals with the color, size, fabric, or even style of that single apparel.

Sage X3 garment manufacturing ERP software space will help with vertical as well as horizontal elements while combining them to get a single variant with unique code.

Varied Images

Garment companies show a single image per item. Hence, it might become problematic for them to display every item from varied colors or views.

Sage X3 ERP for garment manufacturing offers customization for the improvised association of multiple images with one product. It gives customers a comprehensive and clear view of the products in your showroom.

Easy Packaging

Packing garments are a major challenge in the garment business. Sage X3 ERP for the garment manufacturing industry offers a 360° customized solution that would automatically calculate the weight of products.

The ERP for packaging industry would measure the shipping cost while saving a huge amount of time and cost as well. It will also assist in making unit conversions from weight to length.

Customer Satisfaction

The garment industry ERP software offers decent prices and also boasts promotion management. This assists businesses to build improved customer relationships and also ensures a greater percentage of customer retention.

The garment manufacturing software also assists in after-sales service. Moreover, the feature that makes Sage X3 system unique is its capability to precisely connect to data collection systems such as RFIDs, and more.

Minimized Operational Cost

By leveraging Sage 300 garment ERP, you can reduce your operational costs by streamlining all your business processes from purchasing, production, inventory management, and quality control, to sales, finance, customer service, and more. 

The garment manufacturing ERP software offers instant and clear visibility into all your operations, enabling you to make better decisions and gain control of the complete manufacturing process. The maintenance management software also supports efficient inventory management and enables accurate forecasting, thereby reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Real-time Reporting

Sage X3 garment ERP offers manufacturers the benefit of real-time reporting, making it easier to keep track of all aspects of the production process. The software enables manufacturers to continuously monitor production and analyze data quickly, enabling them to make informed decisions in a timely manner. By having a dynamic Sage 300 ERP system in place, garment manufacturers can increase their efficiency by providing accurate data on production and inventory levels, enabling them to respond to customer orders immediately.

Moreover, real-time reporting can help garment businesses better manage their supply chain and inventory levels. With Sage X3 ERP, garment manufacturers can gain visibility into the performance of their supply chain, helping them better manage their inventory levels and reducing their risk of stock-outs.

Features of ERP for Garment manufacturing

Inventory Management

Garment  manufacturing ERP software has an inventory management tool that can help track items as per the parameters mentioned. The inventory management system also has customizable dashboards through which you can access the inventory to manage styles, images, features, costs, and more.

With the inventory management module, you can easily fetch real-time data along with precise stock information about what products are still there in the warehouse and what is there in order.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management feature of the garment ERP helps to control and track warehouse operations right from the time when a good enters the warehouse till the good makes an exit.

The warehouse management system also has shipping integration, raw material management, and much more. The best ERP system also involves cross-docking, direct pick & pack, and more in its warehouse management feature.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting allows businesses to accurately predict what products customers will be interested in and how much of each product to produce to meet that demand. This helps companies save money and ensure the right products are available for customers when they need them.

The business intelligence software can be used to analyze the optimal production rate, inventory levels, and pricing for each product. Also, it can provide insights into upcoming trends and help companies anticipate customer needs.

Vendor Management

The vendor management feature enables garment manufacturers to manage their vendors, automate purchase orders, and track shipments more effectively. It helps to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency while also streamlining the process of vendor selection. The feature also brings easy communication and ensures necessary data is quickly accessible.

With features such as contract management, RFQs, PO tracking, and invoicing, Sage X3 garment ERP software helps you manage all aspects of vendor management in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Material Requirements Planning

Material requirements planning (MRP) feature enables garment factories to effectively manage resources, track production, and ensure that all material requirements are met. The fixed asset management software helps factories to plan and forecast the raw materials needed, prioritize orders, and track the progress of production.

MRP also helps to optimize production and delivery times. By monitoring the progress of production, companies can make sure that all the materials and components are ready for each step of the manufacturing process. It helps to reduce wasted time and resources, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings. The feature ensures that production remains cost-effective and on time.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM feature helps manage customer information, keep track of customer interactions, and help build relationships with customers. With CRM, garment businesses can identify customers’ concerns, preferences, and shopping habits. This helps in providing enhanced customer service and improved customer retention. 

It can help you stay organized by storing customer contact information, sales history, customer support tickets, service contracts, and much more. It also helps to analyze customer data in order to find out potential opportunities for growth. With the end-to-end and integrated manufacturing ERP software, you get the capability to track customer data across multiple channels, which allows you to monitor customer activities and create better strategies for your business.

Sales Management

The sales management system helps businesses to track customer orders, sales performance, commissions, and return orders. It also enables businesses to create and manage discounts, set pricing strategies, and more. This feature allows businesses to maximize their sales, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a better understanding of their customer base. With this excellent feature, businesses can effectively streamline their sales process and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Procurement Management

The procurement feature of garment ERP stands out as an incredibly useful tool. This feature helps businesses manage their suppliers, inventory, and purchase orders. It also helps to ensure that all procurement tasks are carried out accurately and on time.

Moreover, it helps businesses reduce their costs and improve their purchase margins. With procurement software, businesses can easily track their purchases, monitor supplier performance, and monitor inventory levels. In short, the procurement management feature of garment ERP helps businesses save costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits.

Supply Chain Management

With its supply chain management feature, garment ERP allows you to monitor and control your operations in real-time from a centralized location. The supply chain management software provides insights into the entire supply chain from raw material sourcing to customer timely delivery to help you identify opportunities to optimize operations and reduce costs.

With its advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities, garment ERP makes it easy to share inventory information with suppliers, track shipments, and manage production schedules. With this feature, garment ERP provides visibility into the entire supply chain, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.


ERP for garment manufacturing is surely a boon for garment manufacturers since it offers a single inventory source for efficiency, helps in reducing delivery times, and assists in maximizing sales opportunities. With Sage X3, your garment business can effectively manage all the transactions while offering customized services as per the company’s requirements.

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