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How a tourism business can outsmart its competitors with CRM?

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Travel CRM
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This is the age of customers, where it is imperative for a business to put its customers in the first place. Yes, being customer-oriented is the key to success in today’s era and the tourism sector is no exception. This is the reason providing optimum customer experience is more important than ever.

With travel CRM tourism undoubtedly is one among the fastest growing industry verticals across the world. Today’s travelers are well aware of their options and are quite price-oriented. In addition, they expect optimum travel experience. This has led the tours and travel businesses in the tourism sector to indulge in a cutthroat war of winning the trust of the audiences by providing personalized and enhanced customer experience.

Unfortunately, most of the travel businesses still rely on old-school practices and tools when it comes to managing their day-to-day processes and most importantly, customer data. Now this is the reason for a number of travel businesses running off the track in recent times losing out a huge share in the market.

Here are few ways CRM software is proving out to be a boon for a number of travel agencies, tour operators and businesses:

  1. A travel CRM software designed for a travel agency comes with all the features and functionalities needed to organize customer data, communication and streamline critical customer oriented processes like customer service, customer support, etc.
  1. A unified customer database offered by a tours and travel CRM system enables tracking of all the available data on a customer such as passenger name, travel itineraries, travel history and most importantly, both post and pre –sales communication the customer has had with the agency. Long story short, travel CRM software connects all the touchpoints a customer has had with the company. This would help a travel company to better serve its customers and in time.
  1. The key to success for a travel company is to develop good rapport with its customers by offering them with personalized and timely services. Now old-school approaches such as running email campaigns and onsite marketing though can help in creating a loyal customer base, but a social media marketing strategy is like cherry on top in today’s era. Yes, a well-planned and thought-out social media marketing strategy when combined a social CRM solution is sure to yield excellent results. It will help to come up with targeted content that fits the preferences, social browsing behavior and likes of your customers. For instance, Sage CRM software can assist a travel agency build a diverse customer base that would in term help to drive email marketing and newsletter campaigns.
  1. A travel CRM system by helping you maintain a crystal-clear pipeline of all the leads, bookings and follow-ups helps a travel agency to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to serving its customers. Talk about improvements in productivity and efficiency of your sales department. A travel CRM software with excellent robust integrated communication (call/email) functionality along with intelligent analytics and business intelligence helps a travel business scale up effectively whilst provide excellent customer service leading to happy customers, referrals and repeat business.
  1. Here comes the most exciting part: CRM software helps unlock customer intelligence, which in turn would allow a travel business to woo its customers by approaching in the most relevant manner, analyze market trends/customer behavior, drive customer loyalty and maintain customer history, all in a unified hub.


A travel CRM system puts a travel agency’s sales and marketing teams in a much better position to help them serve its customers in a proactive and efficient manner. Most importantly, it would alert if things go haywire by delivering intelligent insights on a timely basis.

To know how Sage CRM software can put your travel business on the right foot, contact us here. You can also write to us at for a FREE demo.

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